8 Innovative Renovations to Make Your Kitchen More Convenient

As you prepare to renovate your kitchen, you may start with plans for your color scheme or materials. But your final kitchen design should create a space that’s more convenient to use than the floorplan you started with. Don’t be afraid to think innovatively to solve current issues in your kitchen. In this blog, we list eight unique renovations to consider.

Built-In Cooler

Picture your fridge’s current organization. Do you sacrifice a lot of space to beverages in bottles or cans? Consider incorporating a drink cooler directly into your cabinetry. While many homeowners use these coolers to chill wine, you could also use the space for soda and other beverages.

To maintain a sleek, sophisticated look in your kitchen, choose a cooler that looks like any other drawer.

Condiment Case

If you cook at home often, you probably have a spice rack situated near your stove. But what about the seasonings, add-ins, and condiments that need to stay cold? Incorporate a recessed mini fridge to keep small items from yeast to mustard cool and accessible.

Consider choosing a condiment case that matches the design of your spice rack for a smart, symmetrical look.

Hidden Outlets

While you probably don’t want fewer power outlets in your kitchen, you may want to make the ports that are there out of sight. Hidden outlets improve the uniformity of a room and can reduce the number of cords stretched across your counters.

Tuck outlets into small cubby spaces, place them at the bottom of drawers, or hide them under your row of upper cupboards.

Media Spaces

The right entertainment can bring a spark of life and fun into your kitchen. Create a custom space in your cabinetry for a music player or television.

Put your media space safely out of the way of splashes and spills, such as recessed into a wall or below your upper cupboards.

Pot Filler

If you’ve ever tried to carry a full stock pot from the sink to the cooktop, you know what a hassle the task can be. Instead, place a long, thin faucet above your cooktop specifically for filling pots.

Consider choosing a faucet that folds away when not in use to ensure the pot filler never gets in the way of your cooking.

Seamless Large Appliances

When you have multiple people working in the kitchen at once, you may start to notice just how much the handles on your fridge protrude. To make your kitchen look classier and feel roomier, opt for seamless hidden appliances.

Choose fridges that look like cabinets and dishwashers incorporated into drawers for an easy and attractive space-saving solution.

Separate Cooktop

Often, meals call for components that require different preparation methods. It can be tricky to check on your baked goods while someone else tends a sauce directly above it. For convenience, divide the oven from the cooktop.

Place the cooktop on a counter or even an island to ensure both cooking spaces are always accessible. Consider getting a flat cooktop for maximum cleanliness and a chic appearance.

Stowed Away Trash

Like your large appliances, your trash and recycling cans can get in the way. Make your cans part of your cabinetry instead. Hiding your trash away can even ensure that regular kitchen use is never disrupted by unwanted smells.

Depending on the size of your cans, they may fit under your sink, in your island, or in a tall cupboard.

Whether you want to incorporate the renovations listed above or come up with some of your own, consult with Callier & Thompson Kitchen, Bath, and Appliance. We create beautiful and lasting custom solutions that can bring your dream kitchen to life.