Bathroom Trends 2023

Time spent in your bathroom should do more than bookend your day. It should set the tone and create a sense of sanctuaryeach time you enter. While kitchens have been the spotlight in recent years, bathrooms are following suit by growing in size with a more personalized design. Many are removing walls to increase the overall footprint and exchanging bathtubs for expansive walk-in showers. Owners are tapping into a wellness mindset incorporating indulgence, sustainability, and luxury into a spa-like experience. Can you mix the old with the new? Absolutely. You make the rules!

Together Apart

You’ve undoubtedly heard of open floor plans, which have been favored for some time. Now, there is a growing desire for increased privacy and a separation in space without sacrificing light or that open feeling. Enter the rise of the broken floor plan with secondary water closets and the uncoupling of vanities within the primary bathroom.  


Currently, Transitional leads in popularity, combining elements of multiple design eras.

Contemporary styles’ hard angles, geometric patterns, and flowing curves remain prominent.

Japandi is not only fun to say but a beautiful blend of Japanese and Scandinavian influences that emphasize eco-friendly materials, clean lines, and a mostly neutral palette.

Modern with its sleek minimalistic elegance continues in its prevalence.


Whether you prefer a sense of tranquility in a Grey Lilac, or a jolt of energy from Beetroot Purple or Blue Perennial, this year’s Pantone color collection has something for everyone.  

Fashion color trends spring summer 2023. Fashion color guide with named color swatches, RGB, HEX colors. Vector illustration

Of course, there’s no forgetting LED lighting to enhance your color choice. Especially ENERGY STAR products that last up to 25 times longer than incandescent and use at least 75% less energy.


We cannot overstate the pure joy of radiant flooring. Whether you choose an electric or hydronic system, it’s clean, quiet, energy-efficient, and gracefully out of sight.

For an added touch of bliss, consider installing thermostat control for both your flooring and shower.

Last but not least, whisper-quiet humidity detectors sense and measure the moisture in the air and automatically engage your exhaust fan.  

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