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Before & After

St. Louis Kitchen Remodel – Before & After

The team here at Callier & Thompson had a wonderful time bringing this St. Louis kitchen into the 21st century. The layout was functional and working for the homeowners, but the finishes were in need of a refresh. We didn’t change the footprint of this kitchen but updated the surfaces with cleaner, more modern finishes—creating…

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Kitchen Before & After: From Boring to Updated Classic

Even though we did this St. Louis kitchen remodel about six years ago, the classic, sophisticated finishes are timeless and will always be in style. It’s still one of our favorites (and not just because there’s a T.V. that raises up from within the island). Yep . . . a T.V. that raises and lowers.…

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Before & After: From Blah Bathroom to Serene Spa

Bathrooms may be the smallest rooms in your home, but renovating a bathroom can make a BIG impact on your life and the style and functionality of your home. This St. Louis master bathroom, designed and remodeled by Callier & Thompson, is not the most dramatic or complicated remodel we’ve ever done, but changing the…

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Before & After: From Dated Darkness to Open Warmth

We can’t think of a better way to start each week here on the blog by sharing one of our many kitchen or bath transformations. Today, its out with the old dreary kitchen and in with the cozy and casual new kitchen. Designed by Christine Duenke, this kitchen was a floor-to-ceiling renovation—swapping out linoleum with…

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