Cook Out in Style

Most of us are spending a lot of time at home and opting for more intimate gatherings of friends and family. Have you considered creating new ways to enjoy the space you love? How about opening up to the possibilities in your own back yard? Outdoor kitchens are a fantastic way to expand your options! Designing your perfect outdoor venue is only limited by your budget, imagination, and a few rules of thumb. Rule #1: Be aware of your local codes, requirements, and limitations. Working with experienced designers will not only ensure a beautiful setting, but it will also help you avoid costly mistakes.  

Design for the Way You Cook

Do you love to slow cook, grill, or are you a pizza connoisseur? How many will you be serving on average? Your answers will help you decide what type and size appliances are best.  

Smokers come in various sizes and shapes, including propane, charcoal, offset, pellet, and, kamado to fit your slow cooking style.

Grills offer the convenience of gas, the flavor of charcoal, or a hybrid combining gas, charcoal, and wood on one.

Pizza Ovens have both gas and wood-fire options which can be built-in or framed for a rustic look. Counter-top ovens offer a cost-effective alternative as well.

Outdoor Stoves vary in size, and cooktops with a wok burner offer all the variety you desire.

Please be aware that a grill or cooking surface on any covered porch or deck will require installing a hood, which is enforced by code. The added safety measure will help prevent damage to your investment from the intense heat, smoke, and possible toxins.

Refrigeration comes in standard models, drawers, freezer drawers, beverage coolers, and ice makers. Opting for versions designed to withstand summer heat and winter cold can shorten your to-do list between seasons.

Create Comfort and Beauty

Depending on the season, or the day here in the Midwest, you may prefer to go alfresco, add a beautiful pergola for partial shade, or fully cover your serving or dining area.

An outdoor fireplace or fire pit maintains a cozy atmosphere for chilly evenings and fall/winter days.

Perhaps it calls for a cocktail at the bar while you watch a game or binge your favorite shows in the open air or from the pool.

Having all of this choice is a beautiful thing, but may feel a bit overwhelming. Our designers are the best in the business and ready to help you bring out the very best in your home. Contact us for a consultation before another season goes by!

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