Health, Harmony, And Home Cooking

No matter which direction you look, 2020 has been a challenging year to navigate. Staying healthy, mentally and physically, is more of a priority than ever.   

On average, Americans eat out 5.9 times per week, spending $2,547 in Missouri and $2,784 in Illinois during a single year per person. In a family of 4, that’s upwards of $10,000 and estimated to be five times more expensive than cooking at home.

It’s likely, your daily routine of picking up coffee on the way to work and grabbing lunch on the go has shifted to self-serve in your kitchen. Home cooking may be the best trend to come from a tense situation, but as time presses on, that increase in use may have you feeling a crimp in your flow. Whether you live alone or have a full house, custom cabinetry, storage, and a suitable kitchen triangle can ease the burden and bring harmony back to healthful home cooking.

One of the most significant benefits of home cuisine is that you control the ingredients, meaning better quality and fewer unhealthy additives. Considering most restaurant portions are 2 to 3 times the healthy guidelines, there will also be less waste or guilt to finish your plate.

Custom cabinetry is a fantastic way to enhance your kitchen experience. Personalizing height, depth, width, style, and finish means your space looks and works for you.

Buying dry goods in bulk means cost savings and fewer trips to the store for staples like pasta, beans, oats, popcorn, dried fruits, etc. If you’re maxed out on space, it’s time to revisit your storage options. Ingenious design creations make use of wasted areas and sense of awkward corners.

Another way to bring harmony back to the kitchen is the layout of your cooktop, sink, and refrigerator, also known as “the golden triangle.” Above all else, time spent in your kitchen should be comfortable and enjoyable. A place to connect with loved ones, share warm family traditions, and create new ones for generations to come.

At Callier & Thompson, we take great pleasure in listening and designing specifically for you.  Contact us to schedule your consultation today!

Cook taking ready fried baked chicken with vegetables from the oven. Healthy cooking concept.