Kitchen Storage by Design

Kitchens are the hub of most homes, which makes the challenge of keeping it organized a bit of a dilemma. Beyond appliances, cookware, gadgets, and food, little things like bags, phones, and mail find their way into every corner.  We clean, reset, and the inevitable cycle begins again. 

Luckily there have been some ingenious design creations to help bring order to the chaos.  Whether your kitchen is large or small, remodeling to incorporate one or more of these solutions may help you manage the mess and leave more time to enjoy. Mise en place!

Start with making use of awkward corners with specially designed corner drawers or cabinets with a lazy susan to maximize storage capacity.

Stacking drawers of various heights and widths will minimize what would otherwise be untapped potential.   Convenient built-ins keep all those spoons, spatulas, whisks, and other utensils suited to your work area without taking up counter space.  However, if you prefer lower cabinets to drawers, consider pull out shelves to make the best use of your space and prevent you from having to crouch and reach to those items in the back.

Taking your cabinetry to the ceiling offers several advantages.  Visually they can add elegance and flair to the room.  In terms of storage, they offer more abundant accommodation for the rarely used cookware and appliances that may otherwise take up your precious workspace.  With less clutter, there is less time spent navigating it to keep your kitchen clean, which can also lessen your stress. 

Speaking of clutter, a kitchen communication center complete with mail slots, and a charging station can go a long way to help consolidate all the daily “drop-ins” and maintain a better sense of order.

Of course, where square footage allows, more significant options ranging from a reach-in to a luxurious butler’s or serving pantry are always a desired option.   Having so much choice is fantastic, but may also feel overwhelming.  At Callier & Thompson, we believe personal attention is paramount in executing any kitchen renovation project.  We take great pleasure listening and designing specifically for you.  Contact us to schedule your consultation today!