Kitchen Trends 2021

Remodeling continues the story of your home and adds a fresh perspective for the next chapter.  While 2020 gave us some heavy plot twists, 2021 is shining the light on a brighter path forward in our homes. With that, it’s no surprise that Google trends show kitchen renovations have topped the search list.  Here, we’ve gathered a handful of our favorite trends to spring forward with the help of beautiful colors, a little shapeshifting, custom cabinetry, and going inside-out!


Warm tones and metallic accents bring an earthy comforting feel where we need it most. When our routines are disrupted and the world around us seems uneasy, incorporating nature’s beauty can help us feel more in-tune. According to the Pantone Spring/Summer 2021 Core Classics, hues like Inkwell, Ultimate Gray, and Willow transcend the seasons and allow more freedom of choice. Add a spark of energy with playful selections like Marigold, Green Ash, or Raspberry Sorbet.


Another direction that’s come into focus is the need for more kitchen space and seating.  Rather than the usual grab and go, we’re sharing more meals at home.  Expanding your kitchen island is a great way to accommodate and enjoy each other’s company.


In addition to increasing and making better use of your kitchen’s square footage, we’re also incorporating functional design into cabinetry.  More purposeful storage keeps cookware, cutlery, and spices at hand, and pull-out garbage and recycling bins hide the unsightly.  Each design is specific to the homeowner’s needs and eliminates wasted space and cluttered catch-alls.


Another trend we love is indoor/outdoor living spaces. Fresh air, sunshine, and room to breathe are the recipe for a lovely day! As wonderful as it is to be together, having additional space can certainly go a long way toward maintaining or creating harmony with those you love most.

At Callier & Thompson, we take great pleasure in listening and designing specifically for you. You can trust our combined 125 years of experience to be here for you when you’re ready. View our kitchen portfolio, stop into our showroom, or contact us to schedule your consultation today!