Kitchen Trends 2023

Although we may never want to hear the word pandemic again, there’s no denying the experience has changed how we view our homes and how we want to feel in our space. It compelled us to rethink traditional boundaries and incorporate elements that embrace nature, wellness, and sustainability while showcasing creative displays in a multi-functional space. Let’s look at how this year’s trends are setting the tone, making statements, mixing it up, and working double duty.

Set the Tone

White remains the clean and classic choice for many. If you prefer a dark and moody setting, black is back in casual and formal settings in either a matte or gloss. Grey can be warm or cool and mixes well with black, silver, and gold. Blue hues can elicit several emotions, from the energy of cobalt to the calm elegance of Tiffany. Green promotes wellness and renewal, bringing the outdoors in and working beautifully with a natural counterpoint like sustainable wood.

Make a Statement

Statement hoods are resurging as design features allowing you to mirror your hardware throughout.

In addition to functional lighting and subtle displays, spectacular central fixtures are stealing the show.

A solid slab backsplash is both trendy and timeless. Eliminating or substantially decreasing grout lines creates a bold visual effect, especially when matched to the countertop for an ultra-luxe look.

Double Duty 

Kitchen footprints are expanding, and with that comes the opportunity to combine workspace with dining and entertaining. Large islands are still the belle of the ball, while double islands are gaining popularity for their versatility. You may have one for kitchen prep and the other for dining or a place for the kids to drop their bags and do homework. If there’s more than one cook in the kitchen, consider adding a dishwasher drawer or single-bowl sink.  

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