Make Your Home Office Work For You

Chances are “working from home” used to feel like a luxury. It was just you in your comfy clothes keeping the wheels turning from whichever spot you chose. Enter a world pandemic by the name of COVID-19, and that pleasure may have become a real pain.

Kitchens, which were already the busiest room in the home, now carry the load as all-purpose classrooms, boardrooms, etc. Or, maybe you have a dedicated office in your home that works well for paying bills but has become a catchall for clutter and distraction. The lines between work and home life have blurred, and for many of us, there’s no clear end in sight.  

Luckily, you have options to redraw boundaries, get organized, and create a beautiful and dynamic home office that works for you. 


Picking the right spot requires a little introspection. Do you work best in an active and lively space, or do you benefit from seclusion, free from distraction? Keep in mind Wi-Fi extenders, and portable hotspots open up areas that may have been off-limits due to a weak internet connection in the past.


Keep your mood, energy, and productivity sky-high with good lighting! Whenever possible, incorporating natural light and fresh air is a brilliant option. Overhead fixtures and a desktop task light are terrific for keeping eye strain, fatigue, and headaches out of the picture as well.  


Thankfully, in the digital age, the need for clunky filing cabinets and carts has given way to a more stylish approach. Custom cabinetry and shelving designed to complement your style and workflow will provide a “home” for your necessities and allow a clear desk surface.


It’s safe to say we’re all more aware of our mental and physical well-being these days. You deserve better than hunching over your workspace, perched on an ill-fitting chair or stool. A proper desk that allows you to be an arm’s length from your monitor and an ergonomic chair with lumbar support that enables both feet to be flat on the floor is a must.


Your new office should be a glorious reflection of you and flow with the style of your home. From paint to plants and artwork to your chair and choice of window treatment, your options are virtually endless. Choose from monochrome, analogous, or complementary palettes to create the space of your dreams.

Having all of this choice may feel as overwhelming as it is exciting. When you are ready to gift yourself a gorgeous home office, we would love to collaborate! No matter the size or scope, our designers listen and work closely with every customer, from consultation to completion and beyond. Contact us for a consultation today!

A young woman working from home due to covid-19.