Things to Consider When Buying New Appliances

Does the thought of buying new appliances fill you with excitement or dread? Maybe a little of both? Whether you’re replacing an aging oven or revamping the entire kitchen, there are oodles of exciting options! Before you plunge into everything shiny and new, take a little time to reflect on your daily usage and ask a handful of questions to find your best fit.

Cooking Habits

Look beyond the holidays to identify your needs. Are you a weekly food prepper, or do you prefer to cook every night? The answer can help you determine whether you should allocate more of your budget to refrigeration or cooking.


Take exact measurements when you’re looking to replace an older model in your existing kitchen. Appliances come in varying dimensions spanning from space-conserving models to commercial sized for the maximum capacity. If your dream appliance doesn’t fit your current space, but a remodel is not in the plan, Callier & Thompson can help with color-match cabinet lines and the most skilled carpenters in the business.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Knowing how often your new appliance requires maintenance and whether it must be done professionally can give you a glimpse into the ongoing expense of upkeep. Also, note that some finishes require frequent cleaning to keep your kitchen spot and fingerprint free.


Most major appliances come with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers parts and labor for one year. When choosing luxury appliances, you should ask whether additional coverage from the manufacturer is offered when using an approved/certified installation team. It’s also important to know that you may need to fill out a form and submit it to validate your warranty. If extended protection gives you peace of mind, there are extended warranties, and your homeowner’s policy may also include protections.


The price you see advertised may not show you the whole picture. In some instances, that number may not include delivery and installation.

Of course, there are other considerations, such as noise and efficiency. Visiting a showroom for hands-on experience with an appliance expert is your best source for selecting the ideal model at the best price and leaving with confidence in your investment.      

No matter the size or scope, we listen and work closely with every customer, from consultation to completion and beyond. We maintain all manufacturer warranties and select appliances that offer great value for their price. With Callier & Thompson, you know that the upgrades you choose are worth the investment.  Contact us for a consultation today!

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