Things to Know When Choosing Bathroom Hardware

When it comes to bathroom hardware, there are endless possibilities. In fact, there are so many themes and looks you can go for with bathroom renovations it can be overwhelming. Callier & Thompson  Here are some questions to ask yourself when choosing your bathroom hardware.

What Hardware Do I Need?

First, consider the hardware you need for your bathroom’s function, such as:

  • knobs
  • pulls
  • faucets 
  • showerheads
  • towel rack 
  • toilet paper rack

Knobs or Pulls?

Knobs and pulls can create two very different looks. Typically, people choose to use pulls on the drawers and knobs on cabinets, but it all comes down to personal preference. Knobs tend to give a more classic, simple look to your cabinets and drawers, while pulls come in a variety of styles from antique to modern that can dress up any surface. 

What is the Theme of Your Bathroom?

Knowing the theme of your bathroom can help you choose hardware. Rustic hardware will be more of a darker brass color, while modern hardware will be sleeker, commonly in black or gold. Use the cabinets, countertops, and flooring you have chosen to help you out with the theme (or, better yet, use your vision of your theme to determine the cabinets, counters and floors!)

Are You Buying All New Hardware?

The term “hardware” refers to more than just knobs and pulls. It can also include faucets, towel racks, and showerheads. If you are only replacing some, it is best to find something close to what you already have. Purchasing hardware different than what you already have will make your bathroom look chaotic and not well put together. If you purchase all new hardware, they often come in sets, so you don’t have to find everything individually. Showerheads and faucets are typically not included in the sets.

What Do Your Existing Fixtures Look Like?

Take a look at the lighting or showerhead already in the room. Does it provide the right amount of lighting, and follow the theme you want? Evaluating your lighting will help you make the best decisions on fixtures for your design, which will amplify the look of your room as a whole!

What Materials Are You Looking For?

There is a variety of materials to choose from for your bathroom hardware. Popular options include chrome, silver, gold, bronze, and nickel, many of which are available in different shades to match your color scheme. Try to narrow down your favorites so that you are less overwhelmed when you start looking. 

Each material has its advantages. The most common thing people look for in a material is durability. Brass, nickel, and bronze are most common for those who want a material that withstands moisture. When shopping for hardware, make sure you ask about the material.

Remember that you can paint hardware any color you want. For example, if a faucet is a gold color, it might be nickel on the inside. Another good indicator is weight. If you lift a faucet and it is extremely light, it is likely made out of cheap material.

Tips for Bathroom Renovations

Do some research beforehand to make your renovation process as easy as possible. You don’t have to know exactly what you want yet, but it is good to start forming an idea. Then, search for potential companies you want to work with. 

Places like Callier & Thompson will work with you to get you the best bathroom renovation deal. We’ll help you through the decision making, purchasing, and installation processes so that you get the bathroom you want at the prices that work for you!