Top Ways to Update Your Kitchen This Year

Remodeling your kitchen can help your home feel personalized, updated, and modern. It is also an opportunity to upgrade your appliances for efficiency and elevate to a sleeker design. Keep reading to find out kitchen remodeling ideas that will look great in your home. 

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for a New Look This Year

Bold Accent Colors

Dark and bold colors can bring drama and depth to your kitchen. Add some color to your cabinetry or backsplash to make it pop. Be sure to consult Callier and Thompson to help you choose the color that will accent your kitchen remodel the best. 

Light Colored Cabinetry

If you dislike the oak cabinetry look of the 1980s and 90s, it might be time to upgrade. It can be as simple as a color change, but to take it up a notch, you should also plan to change the silhouette of your cabinet faces. White, cream, ivory, or taupe are all colors that would look great on kitchen cabinetry. Of course, custom cabinetry is our specialty.

Striking Tile or Brick Accents 

Adding a beautiful tile or brick accent makes your kitchen one of a kind. Tile and brick are easy to clean and add beauty to your home for years to come. It is common to find these accents, but a great designer can make them the centerpiece of your kitchen.

Convert Cabinets to Drawers

Gone are the days of awkwardly reaching to the back of a too-deep cabinet. Convert your existing cabinet space into deep drawers to organize everything you need in the kitchen. Storing dishes or spices this way means you can utilize any space you have been wasting. We are up to any challenge with over 125 years of combined experience creating gorgeous kitchens.

Stand Mixer Storage

There are usually two options when storing a stand mixer. Either it stays on the counter full time and takes up valuable workspace. Or it gets pulled out of storage once or twice a year. To remedy this situation, add a space in your kitchen specifically for your stand mixer. Having such available dedicated space will make this kitchen upgrade a baker’s best friend. 

Add Specialty Appliances

The best part about kitchen remodeling is the opportunity to make it uniquely yours. One option you may consider is to add a wine fridge or specialty drink cooler. These appliances are more cost and energy-effective than ever, so now is the time to make room for one in your kitchen. 

The Options Are Endless

These are only a few of the many options available when you plan a kitchen remodel. It can be an overwhelming task, which is why you should work with an expert to make your kitchen remodeling dreams a reality. 

If you are ready to learn more and start planning your remodel, reach out to Callier & Thompson for beautiful design and outstanding service. We can help with your kitchen (and bathroom) remodel needs in the St. Louis metro area.

Top Ways to Update Your Kitchen