Which Element Affects the Cost of a Kitchen Remodel Most?

Breathing new life into the heart of your home brings value to your largest investment and joy to all who enter. While there are rules of thumb regarding the overall cost as a percentage of the home’s value, estimating the breakdown of a kitchen remodel can be a little complex. Of course, there are several variables in the scope of any remodeling project, including where you live, the size of the space, the materials selected, and whether or not you’re using the same layout. 

Let’s look at a rough breakdown of each element, from the highest percentage of the budget to the lowest.

Labor & Design

Every homeowner is unique, and each project requires a thoughtful, detailed process to ensure every aspect exceeds expectations. It is reasonable to expect at least half of your kitchen remodeling budget to be allocated to labor & design. Working with Callier & Thompson means a higher caliber of planning, value engineering, and project management from concept to creation. Let us handle all the necessary permits, details, and logistics and keep you informed every step of the way.

Cabinetry & Hardware 

Cabinetry is a critical part of the structural foundation of your kitchen. Quality, durability, style, and construction dictate the cost (roughly one-third of your budget), and the general rule is the more elaborate the detail, the higher the price to craft. The same goes for your choice of “jewelry” or hardware.


In order to bring your culinary vision to life, we offer an extensive selection of appliances ranging from basic packages to premium and ultra-premium lines. There is something to fit every budget, and we maintain all manufacturer warranties.


Creating a workspace that reflects your cooking style with beautiful, sturdymaterials affects every interaction in the kitchen. We only work with the best to find your perfect match!


Color, texture, and feel are important considerations when selecting what goes underfoot. No matter your style, we offer a wide variety of options.

Walls & Ceilings 

The creative potential is nearly infinite here, from lovely resilient paint to detailed trim and molding or dramatic ceiling elements.


Bringing your old kitchen into the light makes a tremendous difference with statement pendants, recessed, undercabinet, track lighting, and more.

Faucets & Plumbing 

The smallest percentage of your budget can have a significant impact on how you function and entertain. Sometimes it is the simplest of pleasures that bring the most joy to any remodel!  

Sales Tax

In addition to each of the material costs mentioned above, you’ll need to be mindful of state and local sales taxes. This piece may be less fun, but it is easy to overlook and can certainly add up. 

Callier & Thompson is your go-to source for every design consideration. You can trust our combined 125 years of experience to keep you on the right track and budget. Contact us to stay on top of industry trends, visit our FAQs page, and make the best plan for your beautiful home!

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