How much does a typical kitchen or bathroom remodel cost?

Typical does not mean the same for each person. For some, it might be their 10x10 kitchen with standard appliances and basic flooring, or their master bath that is 5x8 – the same as their hall bath. For others, with a kitchen that measures 18 x 30 with flooring that leads into the foyer and great room, they might also be thinking along those “standard” lines.  Unfortunately there are huge differences between these two and so much has to do with product choices and the labor involved installing those choices.

I usually start with the appliance package and refer to the most basic package with a standard refrigerator, freestanding range and over-the-range microwave plus dishwasher that could be purchased for $5000 or less – depending on brand. To the next extreme are your built-in professional appliances that will run anywhere from the upper teens to $30,000 plus. You can’t even start to put these two opposites into any “typical” ballpark but these ranges will dictate what kind of product you are thinking about for your project.

The best reference I have come across is the annual “Cost vs. Value” report that is put out each January from a national remodeling magazine. They compare different remodeling projects and their costs and then break it down into national regions. Here you can compare a major kitchen remodel – midrange, using a 200 square foot kitchen and see that the national average is over $68,000 and the Midwest region is about $66k. It goes into detail about exactly what is in this price and most would be surprised. This is for semi-custom cabinets, laminate tops, resilient flooring (yes, vinyl sheet-goods) and standard appliances. There is also a major kitchen remodel – Upscale, that has more popular choices but this one comes in at $135,000 nationally. So somewhere in between? The best place to start, is talking to a professional that can listen to the ideas you have for your space and work with you to come up with a budget. This will help your designer steer you toward product that is within your price range.


Do you charge a consultation fee?

No. We welcome anyone into our showroom and have designers available to answer questions about their project and our process. Our consultation includes a one-on-one meeting with a designer in our showroom, an in-home visit and a preliminary budget analysis.

What is your process for designing, selecting materials?

For both designing and selecting materials, it is very important to have a budget in mind. Many times, a person has no idea what their budget should be, and the design is based on their wish-list.  This can be disappointing when everything is picked out and priced and the bottom line is well beyond what the customer is willing to spend.

We do an initial design and budget analysis based on the size of their space. At this point, we can determine what items are most important and make suggestions for reducing the cost in other places.

At this time, we ask for a Retainer before making design modifications and selecting material.

Almost all of the product choices are made here in our showroom. We go step by step, choosing cabinet color, countertop material, flooring and wall tile, along with plumbing fixtures & appliances.

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Will you let me supply my materials for the project?

Yes & No. There are some products that are easily supplied by the customer and installed by Callier & Thompson such as pendant lights or a faucet. We just remind the customer that if they supply their own faucet and the cartridge is bad or the light fixture is hung and then we notice a defect and it needs to be replaced, they will be charged for the additional labor. This type of thing would be covered by our warranty if we supplied it.

We will not do the installation where all product is supplied by the customer. We are responsible for any damage to product during installation and our main business is to be the supplier, not just the installer.

Can I do some of the work myself, like tear out or painting?

Absolutely! We have a lot of people that want to do their own tear outs. We just want to make sure they realize that they aren’t just tearing out carpet. They also need to remove every staple that is in the floor. The same goes for tile removal. The subfloor needs to be totally cleared of all debris and the old vinyl layers that were glued to the floor need to be scraped clean.

Painting is another way to save dollars, but remember that a professional painter is the one that fills all the holes in the baseboards and door / window casing. This work is now left to the homeowner who is now the “painter”.

Can I use my own installer and just buy materials from Callier and Thompson?

Yes! We supply material only for many contractors or individuals that are working with their own contractor. That could be cabinets only, or all material including countertops, appliances, wall tile etc.

What are the advantages of using Callier and Thompson over a general contractor for my project?

Most general contractors will send you all over town to get your material. Typically they will have a list of places you need to go to make your selections. At Callier & Thompson, we are a one-stop-shop. We have everything needed for your kitchen or bath right here in our showroom, making the selection process so much easier. Our designers work with you to choose finishes that all work together and match the style of your choice.

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Do you carry general liability and workers compensation insurance?

Yes. We are fully insured and all of our subcontractors are covered as well.

How long will the installation process take from beginning to end?

The length of a project really depends on how involved it is. There is a specific sequence that needs to be followed. From demo to electrical and plumbing roughs to inspections, then drywall, flooring, cabinet installation and countertop template. After this, there are several weeks installing hardware, crown molding, wall tile and all the other finish materials.

A typical timeline for a kitchen is 8 – 10 weeks, but if there is wall removal and HVAC relocations required, add to that.

A typical master bath is close to the same (6-10 weeks) since the tile work is typically a lot more detailed than in a kitchen and could take 1-2 weeks alone. A bathroom is also a much smaller space and you can’t schedule different trades at the same time or they would be in each other’s way.

How will I know what’s going on with my project while it’s in progress?

We use an App to track progress on all jobs. Here the customer can log on and view the schedule, which details who will be coming each day, along with notes from the carpenter, and progress photos.

Are your installers employees of Callier and Thompson or sub contractors?

All of our carpenters are Callier & Thompson employees. We use licensed subcontractors for our electrical work, plumbing, drywall, tile and wood flooring, and HVAC work.

Do we need to apply for permits for this project?

No – you do not, but we will. We get permits on every job unless not required by the appropriate officials due to the scope of work.

How messy will my house be during the project?

Remodeling can be messy. Removing flooring and walls, and adding new drywall is not possible without some dust, however, we take every precaution to protect the home we are working in. We use plastic sheeting with zipper walls to contain the areas affected, cardboard and Masonite to protect flooring and vacuums to contain dust. Each night, the area is swept and picked up. After the project is completed, we clean the area and any adjacent rooms.