Kitchen Appliances in St. Louis


With Callier and Thompson’s Appliance Department you get the same level of care and service that you do with our Kitchen and Bath remodeling team. We pride ourselves on our “one on one” service whether you’re purchasing a dishwasher or an entire suite of new appliances for your home. We can handle the smallest or largest of jobs when it comes to appliances. We have a dedicated appliance showroom with a multitude of appliances on display from manufacturers like Kitchen Aid, Bosch, Thermador, Sub Zero, and Wolf, as well as some others.


Why choose Callier and Thompson for your appliance needs?

Because we specialize in kitchen remodeling, we understand how appliances fit within existing cabinetry and how to modify that space if necessary. It’s fairly uncommon for a new appliance to slide right into an existing opening without any type of modification. We use the same production team for our appliances projects as we do four our remodeling projects. We also have a team of specialty subcontractors that we have relationships with who can handle specialized work like plumbing, electrical, countertop modifications, tile work, etc.

Many appliance companies are good at selling you an appliance but they do not have the resources available to complete the installation unless it’s very simple. The big box stores and even some other appliance specific stores will refer you to someone who might be able to install the appliances but fall short when the installation is more intricate. This is the area in which we shine. Whether it’s modifying existing openings in drywall or cabinetry, if the space allows for it we can make it work. We have access to custom matching current cabinetry if fillers or doors are needed to tighten up or adding to overall openings.

Limited options is not something we believe in!


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We are renovating our show room and need to move out all of our previous show models. You won't find prices like these on a wide variety of high-end appliances anywhere else, anytime soon! Act now before they are all gone!