How to work with a contractor for your kitchen remodel

A kitchen remodel is a great way to enhance your space’s functionality and value. At Callier & Thompson, we help clients transform their spaces to meet their needs and aesthetic preferences. Our team has the expertise to build different types of kitchens, so we can deliver on your open kitchen remodel if you want to upgrade your space. Here are tips on how to work with a contractor for your kitchen remodel:

Find the Right Contractor 

Your contractor will determine if your remodeling project will be successful and timely. Look for a contractor with expertise in kitchen renovations to transform your space efficiently and with the highest standards of design and craftsmanship. At Callier & Thompson, we have over 125 years of combined experience handling kitchen remodels, so you can rely on our expertise. We’re willing to set up a free consultation to allow you to determine if we’re the right fit for your project and discuss your ideas. 

Our team is licensed, so you know we’re qualified enough to handle your project. We also carry general liability and workers’ compensation insurance covers to limit our client’s liability in case accidents happen.

Define Your Goals

Your goals will act as a guide for your contractor throughout the kitchen remodel process. You can schedule a one-on-one consultation with our team if you need help defining your goals. We’ll consider factors like your desired aesthetic, layout, functionality, and any specific features you want in your kitchen. If you don’t know what you need, you can tour our showroom to get some ideas. 

Our team will schedule an in-home visit to take measurements and photos of your space to help us create an ideal design. We encourage our clients to have a clear vision for effective communication between them and our team. 

Agree on Pricing 

Before starting your kitchen remodeling process, agree on pricing with your contractor. By doing so, you can make sure everyone is on the same page about the project’s cost and prevent any misunderstanding that could derail your project. At Callier & Thompson, we pride ourselves on transparency. 

Our team will present options for materials and their costs and break down the overall cost of your remodel. We supply kitchen renovation materials like tiles, cabinets, and countertops so that we can offer reliable pricing estimates for each material necessary for your renovation. Choose the most financially feasible materials to make sure your project is completed within your budget.

Agree on a Timeline 

Discussing and establishing your project’s timeline can help you and your contractor stay organized and work together to meet deadlines. A defined timeline provides a structured action plan that helps us maintain momentum and avoid unnecessary delays. Kitchen remodel times vary project by project.   A timeline may be longer if you’re transitioning from a closed kitchen to an open one, as this requires wall removal. Our team will assess the scope of your remodel and create a realistic timeline so you can make the necessary preparations. 

Sign a Contract 

A contract is needed for a kitchen remodel as it outlines each party’s responsibilities. It protects you from potential disagreements during the project and allows for a smooth working relationship with your contractor. Our team will create an agreement for you to sign after agreeing on your kitchen design, materials, and pricing. 

The remodel agreement will include the scope of work, expected project timeline, estimated budget, and payment schedule. Review your contract carefully to make sure it contains all the details you want to have included. After signing your contract, we’ll select the most suitable date for your kitchen remodel to start. 

Stay Involved 

Be actively involved in your kitchen remodel to make sure the project aligns with your vision. Agree on the best way to communicate with your contractor beforehand to facilitate your active participation. 

At Callier & Thompson, we value our clients’ participation at every stage of their remodel projects. We use an app to keep clients informed on the status of their projects. You only need to log into your account to see progress photos, notes from our team, and the project schedule. The schedule outlines who’ll be coming to your home each day. 

Conduct a Final Inspection 

Inspect your contractor’s work after completion to make sure the project meets your expectations. If you’re satisfied, make the final payment as agreed in your contract. We go above and beyond to leave our clients satisfied with their projects. After completion, we’ll clean your kitchen and adjacent rooms to make sure they’re ready for use. Our team will be prepared to discuss any concerns after your inspection. 

Hire Callier & Thompson for Your Open Kitchen Remodel 

Callier & Thompson is committed to offering unparalleled kitchen remodel services. Our professionals will work with you to understand your needs, preferences, and budget, creating a bespoke plan to transform your kitchen appropriately. Contact us to learn how we’ll help with your open kitchen remodel. 

How to work with a contractor for your kitchen remodel

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