Is a Galley Workstation For You?

So much of our life happens in the kitchen. We plan our days over coffee, share stories with our kids, enjoy a bottle of wine with friends, and, of course, try new recipes and recreate family favorites. Wouldn’t it be terrific if you could expand a small footprint into a multi-functional culinary center? How about an innovative Galley workstation that allows you to prep, cook, serve, and clean in the same space? If you’re considering a remodel, it’s time to re-think your kitchen sink.

What is a Galley Workstation?

At its core, the Galley workstation is a double-tiered sink designed to accommodate an array of sliding platforms with colanders, bowls, drying racks, and cutting boards. It’s the organized home chef’s dream, without the need for a commercial-sized kitchen!  

Your choices include single bowl and double bowl options ranging from a simple 2′ Galley Bar to a 7′ expanse with dry dock accessories, providing the most appropriate workspace for your needs indoors or out. Of course, your Galley workstation has to be as beautiful as it is functional. You and your designer have the option of selecting from a grey or white resin, bamboo, or graphite wood composite to flow seamlessly with other finishes.

In addition to the basic set of accessories, you’ll have the advantage of customizing with dozens of optional tools, including knife blocks, garnish serving boards, utensil caddies, a dual-tier condiment serving board, and just about anything you can imagine. To complete your personalized workstation, you also have the opportunity to add a second faucet. It’s worthy of mention that you can choose any brand of faucet you like, but unlike other brands, the Galley Tap has a 27″ hose that reaches all corners of the sink, and you can go up to a 60″ sink and only need one faucet.  

If you’re eager to create a simple, efficient, convenient, and enjoyable kitchen addition, the Galley workstation may be just the fit for you!

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