Kitchen Trends: Embracing Earth Tones, Beverage Centers, and More in 2024 

If you’re considering revamping your kitchen this year, you’re in for a treat! 2024 is bringing some exciting new trends to the world of kitchen design. From warm, earthy hues to innovative appliances, here’s a sneak peek at what will influence kitchen designs in the coming year.

Earthy Colors

Say goodbye to neutral monotone palettes and hello to warm, earthy tones! In line with the biophilic design trend, 2024 is all about embracing nature-inspired hues such as terracotta and soft sage greens. These colors bring a sense of warmth and connection to nature, creating a softer and more inviting atmosphere in the kitchen. Consider incorporating these earthy tones into your cabinetry, adding curves and fluting to enhance the overall aesthetic – it’s all about bringing the outdoors in.

Beverage Centers

Another standout trend for 2024 is the rise of dedicated beverage centers. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), more than half of survey respondents plan to incorporate specialized beverage storage and appliances, including everything from coffee and wine to fresh smoothies. Imagine having an area in your kitchen specifically designed to cater to your beverage needs, complete with an espresso machine, ice machine, and under-counter fridge or fridge drawer. Adding this dedicated space along the path from the dining or living room helps create a natural flow for gathering and will add a touch of luxury to your kitchen.  

Features for Healthy Living

Health and wellness have been at the forefront of home design, and in 2024, this focus is extending to the kitchen. Flexible refrigeration options, technology-integrated appliances, and appliances that offer healthier cooking methods are expected to be hot commodities. Picture refrigerators with food inventory technology and emergency power sources to prevent spoilage – talk about smart appliances working in harmony with your healthy lifestyle!

Integrated Cabinetry Lighting

Lighting plays a significant role in setting the mood and enhancing functionality in the kitchen. In 2024, integrated lighting within cabinetry is predicted to become a focal point. Imagine having layers of lighting throughout your cabinets to improve visibility for tasks while also creating a cozy ambiance. Integrated lighting is all about functionality and flexibility with a touch of style, from lighting behind cabinet doors and inside drawers to lighting mounted beneath upper cabinets and toe kicks.

European-Style Influences

European-style kitchen designs are expected to advance in 2024, particularly regarding cabinetry and storage. The designs will feature clean lines, enhanced functionality, and a furniture-like appearance. Integrated appliances will seamlessly blend into the cabinetry, while appliance garages provide easy access to small appliances. The focus is on maximizing both form and function, especially in smaller spaces.

Wood Rather Than White

The era of all-white kitchens is slowly phasing out, with wood grain emerging as the go-to choice for adding warmth and texture in 2024. Whether through cabinetry, flooring, or architectural accents like ceiling beams, wood is set to bring a touch of natural elegance to kitchens. Think white oak, walnut, and alder as trending wood species, adding a neutral and timeless touch to your kitchen.

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