Maximizing Small Bathroom Spaces: Tips and Tricks

To maximize the space in your home, consider kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Updating these rooms in your home can help you improve your home’s aesthetic and make the rooms more functional. Here are four tips and tricks for how to maximize the space in your small bathroom:

1. Increase Storage Area

To maximize the space in your small bathroom, the first thing you need to consider is the amount of storage area you need. Then compare the amount of storage space you need with the storage space you have.

Most people find they need more storage space in their bathroom than they have. Storage space in your bathroom can discreetly hold your toiletries and other personal items or keep them organized out in the open.


By adding cabinets in your bathroom, you can increase your available storage space while also concealing items you don’t want to be left out in the open. 

You can have cabinets installed above your toilet, under the sink, or on an open wall. If you don’t want to permanently install cabinets, you can purchase a standalone bathroom storage unit. Many of these units are positioned over your toilet, which allows you to maximize storage space without decreasing floor space. 

Another type of cabinet you can choose to add to your bathroom to increase the amount of storage space available is a medicine cabinet. Medicine cabinets allow you to store frequently used items in a place that’s easily accessible. 

Towel Racks

If your bathroom doesn’t already have a space for hand towels, consider adding hardware, like a towel rack. Adding a towel rack will not only keep hand towels off of your bathroom counter, but it will also help them dry quickly between uses. 


Shelving can be one of the easiest ways to maximize the space in your small bathroom.

You can install shelving on an open wall, above your toilet, or even above your towel rack. Shelving can not only help you add open storage to your bathroom, but it can give you the opportunity to add decorative touches to the small space. 

If you don’t have towel racks or cabinets, shelving can provide you with additional storage space. Shelving in your bathroom can hold an air freshener, extra hand towels, toilet paper rolls, and even frequently used toiletries.  

2. Consider Your Linen Storage 

Many small bathrooms do not have space for linen storage built in. You might need to change how you have your linens stored in your bathroom if it’s too small. To maximize the space in your small bathroom, consider adding a linen cabinet. If you have space, your linen cabinet can be built-in or stand-alone. 

If your bathroom is too small for a linen cabinet, try using baskets to hold your clean linen. There are many different ways baskets can be used to neatly store your linens. 

Here are some ways you can use baskets to create linen storage in your bathroom:

  • Place a small basket on the counter by your sink to hold extra washcloths or hand towels
  • Use a basket on your tub to hold a set of bath towels
  • Install hanging baskets from the ceiling to sort and hold your towels and other bathroom linens
  • If you have shelves, use baskets to keep washcloths or hand towels on your shelves organized 

3. Use Adjustable Organizers

Maximize your storage space in your bathroom by using adjustable organizers. Adjustable organizers can help you organize items in your existing space. Here are some adjustable organizers every bathroom should have:

  • Drawer organizers — to easily keep things from rolling around or getting lost in your bathroom drawers
  • Under sink organizers — to add shelf space under your sink and add space around the under-sink plumbing
  • Toilet organizers — keep items, like magazines or extra toilet paper rolls, clean and off the floor 

4. Replace Your Sink

Some small bathrooms have a pedestal sink. These sinks do not have any under-sink storage since the sink basin sits atop a slim column. While these sinks are great for smaller bathrooms because they don’t take up a large amount of space, they decrease the potential for under-sink storage. 

You can replace your pedestal sink with a vanity cabinet sink. Vanity cabinet sinks not only conceal the sink’s plumbing but also provide you with additional storage space. 

Choose Professional Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

You might find it difficult to have your dream bathroom even if you use every tip and trick available to maximize your bathroom space.  One of your best options could be to remodel your small bathroom.

For help remodeling your small bathroom, contact the experts at Callier & Thompson. Our professional and knowledgeable staff has over 160 years of combined industry experience. When it comes to kitchen and bathroom remodeling, we’ve set the industry standard for quality, service, and design.

Maximizing Small Bathrooms

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