The Best of Sub-Zero and Bosch Appliances

Leaders in the appliance industry in both function and form, Sub-Zero refrigerators are practically a staple in high-end kitchens. Sub-Zero’s line of integrated refrigeration can be customized with panels and handles to disappear into your cabinetry. Wolf’s ranges, ovens and cooktops provide precise cooking, great style and help the average home cook feel like a gourmet chef.

Read on for some of our favorite appliances from Sub-Zero / Wolf . . .


The undercounter refrigerator drawer shown below is space-saving, highly-functional, and fits ingeniously almost any cabinetry.


With individually controlled storage zones, UV-resistant, bronze-tinted glass to prevent light exposure, and panel-ready designs, Sub-Zero wine refrigerators are the perfect weapon in any wine connoisseur’s arsenal.

dsf Image via Sub Zero

Sub-Zero undercounter wine storage integrated into elegant cabinetry
Image via Sub-Zero


Wolf’s Dual-Fuel Ranges offer the control of cooking with gas on the stovetop and the efficiency of convection and other modes that electric ovens provide. Many of their ranges feature griddles and charbroilers for efficient and gourmet cooking.

Wolf Dual Fuel Range. Image via Wolf


With Wolf’s magnetic induction technology, the surface remains at room temperature while it heats your cookware up (fast and with perfectly distributed heat, no less). Adjust the controls and the response is up to 40% faster than gas or electric.

wolf induction cooktop Image via Wolf

Wolf Induction Cooktop
Image via Wolf

Wolf Dual Fuel Range