The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Countertops: Materials and Maintenance

Your countertops are often a focal point of your kitchen. They should complement the decor and style of the room and be durable enough to meet your needs. At Callier & Thompson, we can guide you in choosing the right material for your counters and help you understand their long-term maintenance needs. Here are a few countertop options to consider for your kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects.


Stone countertops are a popular option for kitchen countertops because they are durable and can handle everyday use from meal prep. They are also fairly low maintenance and simple to clean. You can find a variety of natural stone options to match your kitchen, including:

  • Quartz
  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Soapstone
  • Limestone
  • Slate
  • Onyx

Each one offers a unique style and a variety of patterns and colors to complement cabinetry, hardware, and flooring design choices.


To keep your stone counters in good condition, wipe them down with a soft rag using soap and water. Avoid abrasive tools and acidic cleaners. You may need to reseal your natural stone counters regularly to keep them in pristine condition.


Wood countertops offer a natural look that can have various grain patterns and colors. There are a variety of wood types to choose from, like maple, oak, birch, and teak. You can also opt for different stain colors to add a unique look that enhances your kitchen’s aesthetics. 

Wood can be a budget-friendly choice and offers a quieter option for kitchens, as it can absorb sound that other materials would amplify.


To keep wood looking clean and nice, wipe up spills quickly. You can also apply oil on a regular basis to help the material resist stains. Any scratches or dings that occur can be sanded out and refinished to return the surface to its original state. 


Tile is a unique material, as it can create a distinct look with nearly endless pattern options. Each tile is placed separately and held together by grout. Callier & Thompson can combine different colors and patterns to create a mosaic look that makes a stunning focal point for your kitchen or bathroom. Tile countertops are also heat resistant and can be a cheaper option than higher-end choices.


Tile is easy to clean with soap and water. A baking soda paste is also useful for tackling dirty grout lines. If your tile counter is chipped or stained, you can simply replace a single tile to restore its pristine beauty. This makes tile an easier choice to maintain over time, as it doesn’t typically require full replacement if damage or stains occur.


Laminate is a versatile counter choice, as it can resemble a variety of natural options, like stone and wood. It is also usually cheaper than other materials, which can be a great choice for budget remodeling projects. Laminate is non-porous, which means it’s resistant to staining and is low maintenance.


You can use simple soap and water to keep laminate counters clean. Avoid abrasive cleaners, and don’t place hot pots or pans directly on the laminate, as it isn’t heat resistant like other materials.

Stainless Steel

One of the more durable countertop options, stainless steel is a non-porous material that is resistant to heat, stains, and water. It offers a hygienic surface when cleaned regularly. This material also creates a sleek, modern appearance that makes a kitchen look trendy and sophisticated. Steel also reflects light, which can make your kitchen feel bigger.


Stainless steel is resistant to spills and stains, so cleaning up all types of messes is easy with soap and water. It’s possible for stainless steel to become dented or scratched over time. You can either gently buff small scratches out or seek professional maintenance services to restore the smooth surface of your steel countertops.


With concrete, you’ll find a long-lasting, trendy look for your kitchen counters. It resists scratching and heat, which means it will look great for a long time. Sealed concrete counters are also simple to maintain and create a modern look.


To keep concrete counters looking good, use soap and water and a soft rag or sponge to remove dirt and grime. Clean up spills quickly and avoid acidic substances on the surface. Since concrete is porous, it should be sealed to protect it from stains and damage. You’ll likely need to reseal your counters on a regular basis to preserve the surface.

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The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Countertops

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