Add Wow With a Wine Room

Folks in Missouri, especially St. Louis, are well known for our love of beer, but we love our wine too. A lot more than you might think! Research from 2016 shows that the state of Missouri consumed over 14,600 gallons, and our neighbors in Illinois consumed over 35,000 gallons!  According to the Wine Institute, the US as a whole went from 526 million gallons in 1998 to 966 million in 2018.  Could there any doubt that in-home wine rooms and cellars are on the rise too?

We all want our homes to function, look, and feel uniquely our own. If you’re going to invest in this luxury amenity, you have a few things to consider if you plan to sell. reports that wine cellars rank highly with homebuyers who have incomes of $150,000 or more.  Nearly one-third of these buyers listed a wine cellar as the most wanted amenity in their new home search.  As the price point of the home increases, so does the expectation of this type of specialty space.   Climate controlled wine rooms are another trend that provides a more relaxed atmosphere for homeowners to store and sip their favorite vintages with guests.   Perhaps a wine cabinet may be your choice to showcase your collection and add that “wow” factor to a wine or game room. 

Any investment in your home should enhance the quality of your life in it.  If you’re upgrading a home you plan to stay in; you’ll want to compliment your taste and lifestyle to enjoy it to the fullest.  However, if you plan to sell with higher resale value in mind, you’ll want to be mindful of what is universally appealing, as well.  Proper wine storage may be the element that genuinely customizes your home in a competitive market.

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