The Beauty of Wood Countertops

Wood brings natural warmth and beauty to any space.  Although it may be more common to find underfoot in today’s kitchens and baths, wood countertops are making a resurgence, and we’re on board!

The first question to ask yourself before deciding the species of wood is; how will it be used?  Will there be a sink mounted above or below it?  Will it be a working surface or a bar top?  Your designer is the best resource in pairing the options suited for the project so you can focus on the look you want.  Teak, Walnut, Maple, Bamboo, and Brazilian Cherry are among the many species from which you’ll have to choose.

Knowing how you plan to use your countertop will also help decide the best construction style.  A flat grain is an excellent choice for aesthetic surfaces.  Edge grain is perfect for countertops and end grain, commonly known as butcher block, is best for kitchen preparation.  With the species and style selected, you’ll have a variety of edge profiles and features to customize your countertop to look and function in a way that is uniquely yours.  Finally, you’ll have the opportunity to choose the finish that best suits it’s intended use.

As part of the “green” movement, there are additional considerations.  Recycled, reclaimed, and responsibly or sustainably harvested products are eco-friendly and strongly encouraged.  However, these terms are commonly confused, so let’s clarify.

  • Recycled wood is generally waste timber or wood leftover from the manufacturing process that is transformed into a usable product.
  • Reclaimed wood is removed from older buildings set for demolition.  This wood type can originate from barns, docks, mills, factories, etc. and bears the unique character, patina, and wear of its lifetime.
  • Responsibly/Sustainably harvested wood comes from carefully managed forests that prevent harm to the trees and their eco-systems to continue the resource for the next generations.

There are incredible options that you can view here. It’s our job to listen to your wants and needs, drawing from professional designers and artisans to bring your vision to life for your kitchen or bath. Let us provide the best possible experience; contact us today!

Kitchen Wood Counters