Cool New Appliances

While cabinetry, tile and other finishes are what make our kitchens pretty, appliances are what makes the culinary magic happen. With advances in technology, more focus on ergonomics and functionality, and innovative design, appliances are becoming way more fun and can make your life a lot easier.

Whether you need a fridge that keeps your produce fresher longer or a coffee station that’ll make you ditch your Starbucks card, our Appliance Manager, Bob Strate has rounded up some of his favorite appliances that are hot on the market.

Cool New Appliances

1. Discovery iQ Double Wall Ovens, Dacor – “Includes a glass touch panel and a LCD multi touch-screen for enhanced graphics display and simple navigation with the swipe of a finger.” Other features include WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth technology, ten different cooking modes, seven different rack positions, and tons more. This oven isn’t just about technological bells and whistles, it offers truly superior cooking and advanced settings (like dehydrating and proofing) for more adventurous home chefs. Also . . . it’s American-made!

2. 36″ Freedom Induction Cooktop, Thermador – With 48 induction elements, this induction cooktop boasts the largest fully usable cooking surface on the market. If you need to move a pot to another spot, the cooktop with transfer all of your programmed settings to the position of the pot . . . hence the name “Freedom.” It also features a full-color touchscreen induction userface for better control and faster access to cooking settings.

3. CVA 4066 Coffee System, Miele – This coffee system may seem like an extravagance, but so are those daily $4 lattes from Starbucks. Be your own barista with this sleek system that features a plumbed-in water connection, adjustable grinder, adjustable cup size settings, multi-lingual LCD display, frothing system with built-in milk tank, and more.

4. 30″ E Series Transitional Convection Steam Oven, Wolf – With 10 cooking modes and enough space to cook larger and even multiple dishes at once, this awesome appliance makes cooking healthy a ton easier. The oven’s large water tank provides 90 minutes of continuous steam cooking and can be refilled when needed without opening the oven door and interrupting the cooking process. It even has a temperature probe that alerts you when your dish has achieved the desired temperature. This one is a true multi-tasker.

5. ID-36RP Refrigerator Drawers, Sub-Zero – This integrated under-counter fridge features an air-purification system based on NASA technology (yep, NASA). “The system scrubs the air of ethylene gas — an organic compound emitted by produce that hastens food spoilage — as well as mold, viruses and bacteria every 20 minutes. The customizable drawer fronts can be fitted with panels and handles that blend in with literally any room’s décor — making this a practical, beautiful option in a kitchen, master suite, bar or home theater space.”

6. Benchmark™ Series 30″ Double Wall Oven, Bosch – Among its many attributes, this oven’s doors slide open for easy access to the oven cavity. There is also a full-extension telescopic rack for safe access, color TFT touch control, 14 cooking modes, fast preheat, AutoProbe for cooking meat to your preferred temperature, and more.

Cool New Appliances