Costs Involved During a Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodeling is a worthwhile investment since it improves your property value. The remodeling, when done right, reinstates appeal into your kitchen, making the space more welcoming. Apart from the looks, you also get a functional kitchen by going for more advanced appliances. Updating your kitchen space might be costly upfront, but it is a worthwhile investment.

Seven Costs Incurred During a Kitchen Remodel

Creating the kitchen of your dreams will not come cheap. Remodeling costs money, from the design through actualizing your vision to reality. The changes should reflect your lifestyle and appeal to other home areas.

Wondering what costs you will incur during kitchen remodeling? Below is an outline of the budget benchmarks for the perfect remodeling outcome.

Kitchen Cabinets

Determining the budget of the kitchen cabinet depends on the material cost and design. They take up most of the remodeling costs since cabinetry material is expensive. You can choose to go with stock cabinets if you are on a budget. They are the most affordable option.

Fancier cabinets will cost more. These custom cabinets are priced based on their design and size.


Water is a vital part of kitchen activities, so you should budget for plumbing. Plumbing accounts for a sizeable percentage of any home remodeling budget. 

These costs go into replacing piping and fixtures that are damaged or no longer fit into your design. You can offset some of the costs by retaining functional taps.

Lighting and Electrical Needs 

Depending on the lighting needs in your new kitchen design, you should have an appropriate budget. If you have to switch out lights or make additional outlets, you will incur extra costs. Minor kitchen remodels are cheaper since the lights and electrical outlets remain the same.

Countertops and Backsplash

Your new countertop and backsplash will attract anyone who will enter your remodeled kitchen. They are the most exposed part of the kitchen and will likely need replacement or redesign.

Countertops and backsplash account for a portion of any home remodeling budget. The cost varies depending on the design you adopt and the material used.


Getting new appliances improves the kitchen’s functionality and offers it a new look. Appliance upgrades can be expensive, and the cost depends on the brand and types you settle for. For a full-scale kitchen remodel, you will need to budget for appliances.


You should never forget about the floor when handling a kitchen remodel. The floor will need to include anti-slip tiles and have proper leveling to avoid accidents. The kitchen remodeling expert will inspect to note the changes you should make to the floor. They can then determine the costs based on their observations.

Installation and Labor

Installation and labor account for another good portion of the total project cost. The amount depends on your location, design complexity, kitchen size, and the experts you hire. Ensure you get an estimate for labor cost to know exactly how much it will cost you.

Work With a Kitchen Remodeling Expert

Creating the kitchen of your dreams can be a costly affair, but the result is worth every dime. Work with a kitchen remodeling expert for value for your money. They can also organize financing for your kitchen remodeling project to avoid straining your budget.

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