What to Know When Designing a Kitchen

Are you wondering how you can boost your home’s value and aesthetic appeal? Kitchen and bathroom remodeling is the surest way of turning your dream home into a reality. Taking this remodeling step is the best option for boosting your home’s overall design and functionality.

Designing your kitchen is a complex process if you don’t know how to do it. You can avoid all possible kitchen design mistakes by hiring an expert for the work. A professional kitchen remodeling contractor will save you time and money. 

Things to Know When Designing a Kitchen

Designing a kitchen requires knowing what to do and what not to do. Having the correct information ensures that the investment is worthwhile and doesn’t damage your home. Keep reading to learn about what you should know when designing your kitchen.

Kitchen Layout

Determining the kitchen layout is the first thing to know before proceeding to other details. Know where to position all the kitchen components. Where you set the countertops, chairs, and other features will likewise determine the kitchen’s workflow.

Most modern kitchens are multipurpose, so you don’t have to rely on traditional designs. The design of these spaces should not make your kitchen cluttered and won’t hamper your kitchen’s efficiency and functionality.


There are several vital measurements to consider when designing a kitchen. Overlooking the kitchen dimensions is a mistake that can limit the kitchen’s space in the end.

One of the dimensions is the work triangle. This is an imaginary triangle linking the three work areas in the kitchen: the sink, refrigerator, and cooktop. The three lengths of the work triangle should range anywhere from 4 feet to 9 feet. 

The height of the countertops is the other dimension to consider. An average kitchen countertop’s height should be at least 36 inches. The right height will save you from straining your back when cleaning it.

The countertop’s depth is also a factor of consideration. This dimension may vary depending on the sizes of appliances like a gas stove.


Inadequate or wrong flooring will compromise your kitchen’s design. You should also consider the safety of the flooring. A safe kitchen flooring will prevent falls and slips, which cause serious injuries. Also consider durability. The kitchen is a busy space, so you need flooring that is not prone to tear and wear.

Thorough research is necessary when buying kitchen flooring. This will enable you to find the flooring material that replicates your kitchen design and style.


You should not ignore lighting when designing a kitchen. Lighting plays a crucial role in enhancing the kitchen’s ambiance. Ensure that your kitchen lighting creates a perfect mood for your family’s mealtimes. Energy-saving kitchen lights are also good to prevent extreme utility bills.

Consider Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling can enhance your home in many ways. Good remodeling will boost your kitchen’s design and make it more functional. A good kitchen remodeling contractor understands what kitchen designing entails to meet your needs.

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