Do You Need Permits for Your Remodeling Project?

Remodeling is a fantastic way to refresh the home you love and add value to your investment.  If you’re considering your first remodel, or it’s been some time since your last, you probably have questions, and we’re here to help!  One of the most common questions homeowners ask is: Do I need a permit to remodel my kitchen or bathroom?  If you’re planning a simple cosmetic change like painting, changing out cabinet doors, or updating fixtures, most likely you will not.  However, if there will be structural alterations like removing/moving a wall, changes to your plumbing, electrical, or general mechanical systems like gas or HVAC, you certainly will. 

Where You Live Matters

Permit requirements differ from area to area, so the best way to be sure of your specific need is to review the specs on your city/county’s website.  Here is a sample of the residential requirements for a kitchen, bath, or laundry room remodel in St. Louis County.  Also, keep in mind that timing can be a critical factor.  While some permits are issued quickly, others may take weeks and could require an inspection prior to authorization. 

What if I Choose to Remodel Without Permits?

If the process seems overly complicated and you’re tempted to do the work without them, be prepared for costly repercussions.  Renovation permits help ensure that the work is in line with the latest health and safety standards.  Suppose your municipality finds out you’re remodeling without permits. In that case, you could face hefty fines, be issued a stop-work order, or even have to remove and re-do work already completed.  Circumnavigating the process could also lead to violations in your homeowner’s insurance policy, leaving you without coverage in the event of an accident or disaster.  If you decide to put your home on the market, unpermitted work could lower your home’s value, cause a red flag for buyers and potentially sabotage a sale.  It’s simply not worth it.

Ultimately, the best way to ensure a positive home renovation is to work with a reputable contractor already skilled at navigating the formalities, who will secure all permitting for you, and give you peace of mind.  In choosing Callier & Thompson, you can be confident that an established, trustworthy company with professional designers, skilled artisans, and a 60-year history works for you.  Contact us today!

Approved Construction Permit Application with pen and calculator