Cabinet Hardware – The Jewelry of the Kitchen or Bathroom

Remodeling is a grand adventure for homeowners and designers alike. Whether you’re looking to improve a clumsy design and enhance functionality or add to the value of your investment by bringing it into modern times, you have options. While 2020 may have fallen flat in a thousand ways, it did spur a rise in the need and desire to update across the country. Where there’s an industry boom, fresh new trends emerge, and 2021 does not disappoint.  

First things first, of course, trying to choose all of your appliances, materials, and finishes at the same time can be extremely overwhelming. We suggest approaching your selections with your designer in a progression of smaller layered choices. However, once the concept has become a plan, it’s time to accessorize with cabinet hardware!  

What is cabinet hardware?

Also known as the jewelry of the kitchen or bathroom, cabinet hardware refers to the knobs and pulls attached to your doors and drawers. While their primary purpose is function, they can transform the look of any room and help define your home’s style.  


While chrome and brushed nickel remain popular, matte black, satin black, copper, and brass finishes are climbing the ranks. Mixing hardware finishes offers another opportunity to personalize your space. Perhaps you use one finish for the upper cabinets and another for the lower. Using different hardware on your kitchen island helps to distinguish it from the rest.


Although there is no set rule for using knobs or pulls, the consensus leans toward knobs on doors and pulls on drawers. Using all knobs, all pulls, or a mix of each is an entirely personal decision. From there, you have oodles of shapes and sizes in which to find your perfect fit.  

Whether your home is Classic American, Vintage, Modern, Victorian, Mid-Century, or Contemporary, the possibilities extend as far as your imagination, and we would love to collaborate! Our designers and artisans believe in listening and working closely with every homeowner, from consultation to completion and beyond. Visit our portfolios, learn more about The Callier & Thompson Experience and contact us for a consultation today!

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