Integrated Appliances: Why You Should Hide Your Kitchen Appliances in Plain Sight

You’ve seen your share of different kitchen styles. Some look sleek and modern with straight lines and monochromatic schemes. Others have a more traditional appearance with Victorian interlacing patterns and round shapes. You may have even seen rustic, neoclassical, or even nerdy kitchens. But you may not have seen integrated kitchens.

Integrated kitchens can come in any of the styles listed above, but they add one extra aesthetic element: they hide your appliances in plain sight. Your appliances sit behind panels designed to look like cupboards or cabinets so your kitchen appears seamless. You only see cabinetry, back splashes, and walls, not the occasional flash of chrome or plastic.

These integrated kitchens can help anyone with a liking for seamless organization feel at home in their kitchen. Read below to learn more about how an integrated kitchen could benefit you.

1. Your Kitchen Will Look More Uniform

Whether you have stainless steel or other colored appliances, they probably stand out in your kitchen. They occupy a significant amount of the visual space, creating an optical interruption between your cabinets or against your back splash. As a result, you may feel like your kitchen is a touch unmatched because it has so many contrasting textures in one area.

Maybe you’d like to have more say in what textures and colors are in your kitchen, or maybe you’d rather make your kitchen look both simpler and cleaner with a single change. Consider integrating your appliances because then you’ll only have the textures you choose to showcase in your kitchen, and you’ll give your food preparation area a neater and more uniform appearance

Of course, when you choose integrated appliances, you might have to remodel your kitchen to accommodate them, as some fridges may take up more space than the average refrigerator. After all, they have to accommodate cabinet-like features before they can blend in with the rest of your cupboards. Contact your appliance provider to see what your kitchen might require when it comes to renovation.

2. You Can Maintain Only Warm Tones in Your Kitchen

Most semi-permanent appliances, like stoves, ovens, fridges, and microwaves, come in cool tones like silver, white, or black. Maybe you don’t want to have any of these accent colors in your kitchen. Perhaps you want to have warm tones and earthy neutrals.

You may struggle to find appliances to match that design, but if you opt for integrated appliances, you can easily match the front of your appliances to the rest of your kitchen. You can blend your appliances seamlessly with your cabinets, and you’ll have more control over the colors you use in your home.

For example, you can keep all the tones soft and light, or you can opt for dramatic warmth. Any decorative scheme becomes possible when you have integrated appliances.

3. You’ll Cut Down on Cleaning Time and Complexity

Stainless steel and plastic can sometimes require more thorough and more regular cleanings than wood. For instance, stainless steel may require extra cleaning because it tends to show fingerprints-and you can’t just use any cleaner on your steel. You need specialized cleaners in addition to your other regular cleaners in the kitchen.

On the other hand, when you have integrated kitchen appliances, you only need one cleaner and a little scrubbing to get your kitchen clean. Every surface will be made of the same material, and wood or faux wood doesn’t typically look as dirty or require as much cleaning as stainless steel after one use, so you’ll shorten the time and frequency of regular cleanings.

Integrated appliances can benefit your kitchen in a number of ways. But if you choose integrated appliances, remember you might have an extensive project ahead of you, depending on which integrated appliances you choose. These appliances might require you to make slight changes to your kitchen layout and design.

To learn more about what appliances will work best for your home, contact Callier & Thompson today. We supply a variety of different appliances and can happily help you find the right fit for your kitchen.