Kitchen Storage from Rev-a-Shelf

Kitchens are not just the heart of every home. They’re where you cook, probably where you eat, where your kids do homework, where you pay the pills, where you store much-needed essentials, where you entertain guests . . . where your life happens. Too often the needs of this multifunctional room outweigh style or design. But with innovative design and clever storage solutions, that does not have to be the case.

With just a few hidden organizational systems, you can revolutionize the storage and functionality of your kitchen, so we thought we share just some of our favorite storage solutions from the clever folks at Rev-a-Shelf.

Kitchen Storage by Rev-a-Shelf

1. Chef’s Roll-Out Pantry – The swing-out frame provides easy access to 20 large interior chrome baskets for all your pantry staples. The system also includes two sets of door storage with 10 door mount baskets. Leave no space wasted!

2. Undersink Pullout Removable Cleaning Caddy – This will help keep your cleaning supplies organized, but the best part is the caddy lifts out and is easy to tote around the house as you clean. Genius!

3. Quad Soft-Close Bottom Mount Recycle Centers – Removable and color-coded baskets for easy use and cleaning. Mount this system under your sink or a base cabinet and it’s easy being green.

4. Swing Out Pantry – Maximize every inch of your 36” pantry with this stylish natural wood storage system. Seriously, this could handle your latest trip to Costco.



Kitchen Storage Solutions