Left-Handed Kitchens Done Right

An essential part of every remodel is that it enhances your home and the time you spend in it.  If you are in the 10% of the population that is left-handed, taking steps to create a flow specifically designed for you can make all the difference.  Just because the world seems to favor right-handed people doesn’t mean you have to deal with it in your own home!

Shift The Work Triangle

This triangle is a time-tested concept of laying out an efficient, aesthetic, and functional flow between your three main work areas — specifically, the fridge, sink, and stove. In most kitchens, the movement goes to the right. However, when designing for a left-handed cook, adjustments can be made to create a natural movement pattern to the left.

Swap Sides

Callier & Thompson specializes in custom cabinetry.  When remodeling, you can eliminate the need to reach across your body or move unnaturally by installing hinges, knobs, and pulls on the appropriate side of your cabinet doors.  The same goes for your refrigerator doors.  If your sink’s faucet has a lever handle, it should be installed to the left along with the sprayer.  Placing your dishwasher to the left of your sink can aid your natural pattern as well.

Of course, it’s worthy of mention that left-handers and right-handers in the home may have to compromise. Paying particular attention to who spends the most time in the kitchen can help you, and your designer plan what’s best for you.  Also, if you’re not in your forever home, your decisions could affect the resale value as 90% of future buyers will be right-handed.  At Callier & Thompson, we pride ourselves on listening and designing to your specific needs and desires.  When you’re ready, we would love to set up a consultation to discuss each of your options and create a space that is uniquely yours!