Which Kitchen Tile Fits Your Style?

Tile has come a long way in terms of material, cut, texture, and color over the years.  Of course, the most fundamental reason for a backsplash is to defend your walls from splatters. Nonetheless, they can also serve as the centerpiece of your kitchen remodel.  It’s a terrific way to express your personality and create a fusion among the other materials selected for your kitchen.  The options are virtually endless, but ultimately, the best choice is what makes you happy in your space.


Granite, marble, ceramic, porcelain, metallics, and even glass are among the choices you have to create a look you’ll love.  Budget is always a primary factor in the selection process, but advances in technology mean that less expensive materials can be designed to look like pricier options.


The standard has been 4-inches from the countertop and has its pros and cons regarding the look and wall protection you desire.  Depending on the scope of your kitchen, and the height at which your cabinetry is hung, which may be either 16-18″ or 20-24″, you may choose full height or even a staggered height.


Subway tiles set up a clean and classic look, diagonal tiles allow for more creative expression, and laser cut tiles lend to more intricate patterns. Mosaic tiles, specialty shapes, herringbone tiles, and even hand-painted versions add a personal touch.  Whether you choose to blend your backsplash or establish a stark contrast, options are available to achieve a look that is uniquely yours.

Our portfolio of work showcases several different styles, and all of our designers are highly trained experts who strive to remain at the forefront of industry trends.   In choosing Callier & Thompson, you can be confident that an established, trustworthy company with professional designers, skilled craftsmen, and a 60-year history is working for you.  Contact us today!

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