Remodeling to Mature Gracefully at Home

As we and our homes age, remodeling considerations may shift toward thoughts of safety, and independence as well as beauty.  Studies show that more of us want to remain in our homes rather than assisted or long-term care facilities.  If staying home for the long haul is what you or loved ones have in mind, let’s take a look at options for your kitchen and bath.


Lighting:  Proper illumination of your workspace will help avoid accidents and unnecessary eye strain.  Lights that turn on automatically when you enter the room are incredibly convenient (especially when you have your hands full).  Under cabinet lighting or even tape lighting beneath the toe kick of your cabinets can add a great deal of visibility to otherwise dark spaces too.

Cabinetry: Simplify by bringing your everyday items within reach without having to overextend or stoop down to access them. Lowering your upper cabinets, installing pull-down shelves, and choosing handles rather than knobs to open your cabinet doors can make a world of difference!  Also, pull-out shelving in your lower cabinets adds accessibility without the need to crouch down to retrieve larger pots and pans.

Countertops: It’s essential to consider how you function in your kitchen and the heights of the people who do. Standard countertop height is 36 inches.  If it’s necessary or preferred to sit during meal prep or other use, perhaps a multilevel configuration with a portion of your island or counter space at 30 inches would be optimal.  Rounded edges, grab bars and low maintenance materials boost safety and help to avoid injury.

Appliances: A cooktop stove cools faster than a traditional range after being turned off, and lighted indicators will let you know how long surfaces remain hot.  Front mounted controls and a self-cleaning feature increase safety and convenience.  Side by side refrigerator/ freezers with long handles and slide out shelves that are see-through increase accessibility.


Vanity: Adjusting the height of the countertop, adding drawers for storage and a lever handle on the sink, rather than knobs can help take the challenge out of your daily routine.

Bathtub:  Selecting a walk-in tub or shower is a terrific safety measure that can be incorporated beautifully into your remodel.

Non-Slip Flooring: Installing a new product such as cork, rubber or a slip-resistant vinyl can help avoid accidental falls on a slippery wet floor.

Style and sophistication do not have to be sacrificed to enhance your home to suit changing habits.  Let our experienced and professional team at Callier & Thompson be your guide to designing a beautiful, functional kitchen and bath to age in place.

Remodeling to Mature