Special Feature - Callier & Thompson Project Spotlight

Backsplash Tile

Now that the countertops and appliances have been installed, we can continue with some finishing touches, including the backsplash tile.

The homeowners wanted to keep the field tile relatively simple and classic by using a subway tile. They decided to go with a glossy gray wavy tile for this. They also wanted to add a nice framed feature section above the cooktop area. To contrast the gray, they went with a crackled creamy white tile in a smaller 2” by 4” format with a beveled edge. We had it installed in a herringbone pattern, framed with some dark metallic pencil trim pieces.

There are two windows in the corner to the left of the cooktop and to the right of the sink. Our homeowners liked the idea of running the field tile to the ceiling in that area as well as the space around the cooktop. They also thought it would look nice to return the tile into the window opening with the edges mitered. This caused more work for the tile setters but they were certainly up to the task! It made for a beautiful look around those windows.

After the tile was installed, they came back and filled in the joints with grout to finish things off. The grand reveal is coming up!