Radiant Winter Warmth

Midwest winters can be crisp, clear, and beautiful. They can also be frigid, blustery, and brutal, conjuring visions of snow-packed doormats and kicking off sloppy wet boots as you reach for the thermostat. Even if it is your favorite season, there may be a better way to enjoy it, and those cold toes will thank you for it.

Warm floors date back to the Neolithic periods, but time and technology have created a modern-day luxury worthy of our attention. Radiant underfloor heating using an electric or hydronic system is clean, quiet, energy-efficient, and gracefully out of sight. 


As the name suggests, radiant floor heating works from the bottom up as heat naturally rises. During the coldest months, radiant heat may offer relief to allergy sufferers by eliminating the need for forced air. Meaning dust and dander particles aren’t blowing from room to room. Another lovely benefit is that floor-heating is blissfully silent.

Energy Efficient

There are several reasons for the higher bills that come with forced air, but leaky ducts are among the main culprits. Duct-free, in-floor heating systems are at least 25 percent more efficient and offer higher and more even heat retention. With 50-70 percent of your energy usage depending on the climate, the difference is substantial.  

Out of Sight

Without the need for ducts and vents, in-floor heating offers a discreet solution that doesn’t compete with your room or home decor. 


Expansive open rooms or areas with higher ceilings will not benefit as much as contained spaces like your kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom. Although floor heating is effective beneath carpeting, it is most noticeable when paired with Pergo, wood, or tile. If you’re warming up to the idea of radiant floor heating, the best time to upgrade is during a remodel!  

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