Remodeling More Than Kitchens And Baths

If you, like many of us, have been spending a lot more time at home lately, you may have started daydreaming about remodeling. For some, that could be a large kitchen or bathroom overhaul. For others, it could be the addition of a walk-in pantry, updated laundry room, mudroom, home office, fireplace surround, or even a game room. The project itself doesn’t have to be big to create a significant impact! The most important factor is quality. The quality of life lived in your home and the quality of return on your investment. You are never beholden to an outdated design. If you’re feeling inspired, we can help!

Perhaps a bit of rearranging may reveal unused space allowing for a reach-in or walk-in pantry. Would you stress less with clutter-free countertops?

Custom cabinetry can make an enormous difference on laundry day! Does your current area allow for adequate workspace and storage? Even if you have a small space, the right design can lighten your load.

Working from home can feel like a blessing or a curse depending on the atmosphere. Designing for accessibility, creativity, and productivity is our specialty!  

Is your fireplace a focal point in your living or dining room? Replacing an old mantle or creating a surround with stone or tile can breathe new life into the room.

Has game night become a staple in your home? Why not take it up a notch with a game room complete with custom storage for your favorite wine or cocktails?

The possibilities are endless, and we would love to help design the oasis you deserve. When you need remodeling services in the St. Louis area, let Callier & Thompson be your go-to source for every design consideration, no matter the size or scope. We carry the best and work with the best in the business. We believe in listening and working closely with every customer, from consultation to completion and beyond. You can trust our combined 125 years of experience to be here for you when you’re ready. Contact us for a consultation to make the best plan for your beautiful home.