Dazzle Your Domain With Trim & Molding

What is your eye drawn to when you enter a room? Are you dazzled when you walk into yours? Adding height, depth, width, and architectural interest to a vanilla space can be as simple as introducing trim and molding. Of course, there are several considerations when choosing the best direction, but let’s take a look at a few possibilities.


Baseboards lay the visual groundwork for a room and vary in size, contingent on the ceiling height. This wide flat trim installed at the base of the wall can either be finished with shoe molding if you have hardwood floors or a decorative base cap along the top edge.


Wainscoting is a series of panels that are decorative, functional, and come in several styles, colors, and patterns. You can use this classic option to add a burst of color, subtle texture, or intricate design to add to the existing decor.

Chair Rail

Chair Rail is a narrow horizontal wall trim installed at the approximate height of a chair back. Whether it stands alone or atop wainscoting, it adds a look of distinction and polish to a room.  


Casing is the trim around a window or doorway that defines the opening and protects the wall. Choosing this option allows you to enhance both the style and transition between rooms.

Crown Molding

Crown molding, as you would suspect, tops your wall. It not only joins the line where your wall and ceiling meet, but it helps to draw your eye upward, creating a lifting effect.

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