Shower Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Every bathroom needs a shower, regardless of how small the space is. If you’re dealing with a squeezed bathroom space, a few hacks can maximize every inch and open up the room. Homeowners perform bathroom renovations with varying goals, but most want to make the most of existing space. Here are four shower ideas to give your small bathroom a lift:

1.    Install Shower over Bathtub

Owners of large bathrooms can find ample space for a bathtub and shower head. If your bathroom is small, having a shower head and bathtub separately will squeeze up the room. A shower over bathtub design can give you the luxury of both within the same space. 

The shower is perfect for refreshing in the morning, and the bathtub offers leisurely soaking after a day’s activities. You shouldn’t sacrifice one because of space. A shower over bath design can fit small spaces, and homeowners have various styles to choose from.

2.    Use Sliding Glass Shower Doors

Glass shower doors are elegant, aesthetic, and timeless. Sliding glass shower doors are even better as they don’t require clearing space. The sliding mechanism can work for different materials, including wood and metal, but tempered glass is the best choice for bathrooms.

Installing a sliding glass shower door maximizes space because the doors open parallel to the support structure. You can improve the design further by installing a frameless door to enhance safety and aesthetics. Sliding doors can open both ways, offering convenient access.

3.    Use Wet Room Flooring

The traditional shower trays/pans can define sections in a large bathroom but create unnecessary edges in smaller rooms. Owners of small bathrooms can forgo the trays by installing walk-in wet room flooring. The design is fully waterproof and laid at a gradient.

Water drains completely, and you can choose fully open or semi-open flooring. Part of the floor is protected from getting wet in semi-open units by adding a half wall and screen. Fully open wet floors open the space and work better if you have a smaller bathroom.

4.    Install a Frameless Screen

Screens and mirrors are excellent choices for blurring the lines in tight spaces. They’re perfect in retail outlets, salons, spars, and beauty rooms. You can install them in your bathroom to create the illusion of a larger space. Homeowners can combine screens with bright colors.

Walk-in bathrooms will instantly feel more spacious with a frameless screen. You can use the screens to separate the shower from the rest of the bathroom without interrupting the view. Wall screens extend the view and can reflect opposite mirrors to create more depth.

Reliable Bathroom Renovations for Homeowners

Homeowners have many other options for improving small bathrooms. You can use corner spaces, add storage units, and leverage streamlined fittings. Every feature and fixture should be scaled to get desirable views and optimized space economy. You need reputable bathroom remodeling companies to help you get quality outcomes and material warranty.

Bathroom designers and remodeling experts can work with any space to bring out the best functionality for your needs. At Callier & Thompson, we help you with efficient and desirable bathroom renovations optimized for your room. 

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