Steps to Remodel a Kitchen

Kitchen renovations help improve the overall appeal of your space and the home value. Your project can range from minor touch-ups like cabinet painting to larger projects like full remodeling. You should work with kitchen remodeling experts as they have the skills to handle the entire renovation. Callier & Thompson highlights the following steps to remodel a kitchen:


You need to plan how you want the kitchen to look after remodeling. Planning involves:

•    Gathering ideas for the new kitchen
•    Making measurements and drafting up plans
•    Gathering the right materials
•    Budget consolidation for the renovations

Our experts can advise you on the logistical details to help plan out your dream kitchen. They will go through the old kitchen and figure out how to bring out the best from your idea.

Tear Out and Demolition

Once you know how you want your kitchen to look, it is time to make space for the new fixtures. Demolition of the outdated and worn-out walls, cabinetry, and fixtures allows you to redesign the kitchen properly.

Although it might sound fun handling demolitions yourself, the job involves some risks. Callier & Thompson’s contractors can help complete the work safely as they have proper safety equipment for the job.

Note: Always remember to clear out the debris after demolitions to make remodeling easy.

Rough Framing and Plumbing

Installing rough frames in the kitchen helps create the initial visual image of what the home will look like after renovation. The rough-in work involves installing plumbing and planning out drainage. Rough framing and plumbing help reduce the chances of errors once the remodeling expert starts pouring new concrete.


Local building authorities require home construction to follow applicable building codes, and you will have to follow this for your kitchen remodel. You need to schedule an inspection of the framing and plumbing work to check that there are no errors. Once the inspection is complete and you have obtained approvals, our remodeling experts can move forward with the project.


The finishing phase of the renovation is where your kitchen remodel will come to life. Contractors can now install drywall and a coat of primer to finish the walls. Depending on your design, you can install doors and windows at this point.

Cabinetry and plumbing fixture installation can offer your kitchen its much-needed functionality. Installing great countertops, backsplashes and tiles will make the kitchen look more appealing. You can bring in new appliances like built-in fridges, stoves, and microwaves to tie the entire project together. Finishes can be tricky to handle on your own, but our experts have the know-how to make everything come out as planned.

Hire the Best Kitchen Remodeling Expert

Kitchen renovation projects allow you to improve the kitchen outlook by changing its layout and installing fixture updates. The whole process can be complex if you do not know what to expect. You should work with a kitchen remodeling expert to enjoy the best results.

Callier & Thompson is your trusted kitchen remodel expert. We will help you through each remodeling step to create the space of your dreams. Contacts us today to schedule an appointment.

Steps to Remodel