When to Say Goodbye to Dated Kitchen Appliances

The kitchen remodel of your dreams likely does not include your dated appliances. Did you know that they’re also driving up your energy bills? Replacing old appliances improves your home’s energy efficiency, saving you money each month. How do you know when it’s time? Keep reading to learn when to say goodbye to your old appliances.


Refrigerators usually last for fifteen to twenty years. If it’s more than a few years old, though, it’s costing you more money to operate than a new one. New refrigerators are quieter, cheaper, larger, and more efficient than ever.

Keeping your food chilled and safe is most important, but new models have much more to offer. Refrigerators are high-tech appliances with features like see-through doors, Wi-Fi connectivity, and touch screens. These features cost more upfront, but you will save money in operating costs compared to your outdated fridge. 


If your oven shows its age and no longer holds its temperature, it’s time to upgrade. Ovens offer multiple options of features, installation, and fuel source. An appliance expert like Callier & Thompson can help guide you through all the options to determine the best fit for your lifestyle. 

Fuel Source

The two most common fuel sources for ovens are electric and natural gas. If you’re considering an upgrade but unsure which option is best for you, our Induction vs. Gas Cooktop blog may help. 


Modern ovens have a wide variety of features. Convection settings offer superior temperature regulation for baking, and side by side, ovens can bake at different temperatures simultaneously. From microwave chefs to five-star chefs, we have the perfect fit for you.

In-Wall Ovens & Separate Stovetops

These options provide luxury and personalization to your kitchen. In-wall ovens add more space for bakers to perfect their craft. A separate stovetop creates flexibility in your kitchen. 


Dishwashers are 40% more efficient than they were before 1990. Federal regulations on energy and water usage have increased, which means new dishwashers use less water and energy and leave your dishes cleaner than ever.

These improvements mean that it’s the perfect time to ditch your wasteful dishwasher if it’s more than a few years old. Dishwashers now offer advanced cycles that include sanitizing, pop open drying, third racks, and more. Eating off of cleaner plates is worth it for your health, your wallet, and the planet.

At Callier and Thompson, we only offer the best for any kitchen remodel project. Our team has expert knowledge about all the appliances we offer, and we’d love to help you learn more today. Give us a call to get started with your home remodel project.

Goodbye Dated Appliances