Trending Kitchen Layouts for 2023

At the start of each new year, we’re drawn toward the notion of renovation and rejuvenation.  Our desire for a fresh perspective in our homes often concentrates on the areas where we spend the most time, which is usually the kitchen.  Maybe your habits have changed, your family has grown, or rather than a full house, you’re reclaiming space.  

Whatever your motivation, it can be helpful to use current trends as a catalyst for your planning. From what we see, homeowners continue to choose open configurations and upsizing, while nearly half opt to shift their shape and add or enlarge their current island. Let’s look at some of the most loved layouts and modifications to date.


Open-concept or barrier-free kitchens create a wonderful sense of informality with a friendly and inviting vibe that flows with nearby rooms. When opening to an outdoor space, most do so with expansive double doors or a row of doors for a lovely natural feel.


This Kirkwood kitchen is a terrific example of opening and upsizing! In this instance, the homeowners decided to remove a rarely-used staircase, increase the square footage and expand the flow to the adjacent room.


The perfect blend of form, function, and design comes in several shapes.  Most notable, in order of popularity, are L, U, and Galley.  Each offers something unique to create the best design suited to your cooking and entertaining style.




Multi-Purpose Islands

Kitchen islands are incredible multi-tasking workspaces that offer storage, casual seating, additional serving space for entertaining, and even device management.

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