6 Inspiring Alternative Uses for Common Kitchen Appliances

When guests walk into your home, they expect a typical picture. This picture includes kitchen appliances that are exclusively assigned to the kitchen space.

But what your guests don’t realize is that you are not the typical homeowner. As you look at your kitchen appliances, you don’t just see function you see possibility.

Have you always wondered how you could incorporate your kitchen appliances elsewhere in your home? Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

1. Coffee Machine in the Bathroom
Imagine drinking a steaming cup of coffee while you get ready for the day in the comfort of your bathroom. With a built in coffee machine in your bathroom, you can get to your morning coffee much faster.

Your best bet is a built-in automatic coffee machine from a trusted brand like Thermador. When you place an automatic coffee machine in your bathroom, all you need to do is stumble into the bathroom and pour a cup. Then you can take a warm sip before you jump into the shower.

2. Fridge in the Bedroom or Bathroom
When you need a midnight snack, the kitchen fridge can seem so far away. And what about that stash of snacks you want to keep away from your kids? Keep a mini fridge (or a full fridge!) in your bedroom or bathroom. Soon, you’ll wonder how you survived without one!

3. Warming Drawer in the Bathroom
In the kitchen, you use a warming drawer to keep food hot. But a warming drawer can also make a great addition to your bathroom. A warming drawer can warm up your towels, so you can cuddle into a warm towel as soon as you step out of the shower. This is an easy way to turn your bathroom into a relaxing spa setting.

4. Wine Cooler in the Bathroom or Living Room
You need to keep your wine cool, but you don’t have a wine cellar in your home. Why not add a wine cooler to your bathroom or living room?

Installing a wine cooler in your living room gives you the ability to easily entertain guests. On the other hand, a wine cooler in your bathroom allows you to sip a glass of wine while you relax in the bathtub.

Ice Machine in the Bathroom or Living Room
Do you enjoy drinking an ice cold soda with friends? Or do you wish you had a glass of ice water to drink while you do your hair each morning?

Add a built in under counter ice machine to your living room or bathroom.

5. Cabinetry Throughout the Home
Most people assume cabinets are a feature exclusive to the kitchen. But have you considered installing cabinets in other rooms of the home? For example, you could have cabinets installed:

  • In your laundry room to store towels and laundry supplies
  • In your living room to display fine china, books, or mementos
  • In your bathroom to place hygiene supplies
  • In your bedroom to hold heirlooms and jewelry
  • In your family room to carry video games and DVDs
  • Make sure to choose custom cabinetry that’s the right size, shape, and look for each of these home spaces.

If any of these ideas have sparked your imagination, call the remodeling contractors at Callier Thompson Kitchen & Bath. We know how to incorporate kitchen appliances in non-traditional parts of your home. With our remodeling work, you can enjoy these appliances’ benefits whenever you need them. You can also impress your guests with your unique remodeling choices.