How to Plan for Kitchen Appliance Lead Times

Renovating your home creates an exciting new chapter in its story, and it’s crucial to step into this process with clear and realistic expectations. 

Unlike the fun and fast-paced home improvement shows we all love, remodeling doesn’t begin with a sledgehammer. It starts with copious amounts of very detailed planning. Sprinkle in post-pandemic global supply chain interruptions, and the plot thickens.  

Working with accredited remodelers specializing in high-end appliances and prioritizing communication will give you the peace of mind you deserve. So, rather than dwell on what we can’t control, let’s look at what we know and can do.

What Should You Know?

Appliance inventory backups and delivery delays are starting to ease, but they’re still historically high. While there are several causes, one issue continues to be that the creators of computer chips and circuits for the control boards can’t keep up with the demand. Depending on your chosen brand and type of appliance(s), the lead time may average 8-12 months or longer.  

What Can You Do?

Reevaluate your time frame for the scope of the project. If possible, the schedule may be built around the backlog if you plan to do a full-scale or multi-room renovation.  

Repairing your current appliance(s) may be a temporary fix, but it’s likely your most cost-effective route in the meantime. Of course, if your appliances are in working order, we suggest retaining them until the new models arrive.  

Alternatively, repurposing may be an option if you simply can’t wait. Some reputable sources like Renovation Angel specialize in recycling luxury appliances like Thermador, Sub-Zero, Wolf, and more.

Working through the plot twists of late, our enterprising designers and appliance specialists have become quite adept at the scavenger hunt.  

When you’re ready to gift yourself a gorgeous new kitchen with luxury appliances, we would love to collaborate! No matter the size or scope, we listen and work closely with every customer, from consultation to completion and beyond. We maintain all manufacturer warranties and select appliances that offer great value for their price. With Callier & Thompson, you know that the upgrades you choose are worth the investment.  Contact us for a consultation today!

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