Special Feature - Callier & Thompson Project Spotlight

Cabinetry Installation Begins

The day has arrived for the delivery of the cabinetry! This client chose Custom Wood Products. One of the nice things about CWP is that they deliver the cabinets directly to the job site, bypassing our warehouse. The less the cabinetry is moved, the less likely they are to be damaged. We have several of our guys on-site to help unload and get them into the house. The floors have been covered with cardboard and Masonite to protect the new finish.

Our homeowners have selected Snowbound white cabinets in a beaded inset construction, with the Havana door style.  The island cabinetry will be of the same construction and door style, however in a Quicksilver gray with smoke glaze. They have incorporated plenty of extra features like a motorize trash pull out drawer, spice pull out drawers to the left and right of the cooktop cabinet, and giant drawers below the cooktop for pots and pans. A great deal of thought has gone into the placement of each cabinet and appliance since the husband loves to cook. It’s important to them that everything functions and flows smoothly in the manner that they intend to use the kitchen.

The carpenters will begin setting the perimeter cabinets and then follow up with the tall and wall cabinets. The floor and ceiling on this job were relatively level so there wasn’t too much extra work needed to set things plumb and level. We're not always that lucky!

Once the perimeter cabinets are set, they’ll move on to setting the island cabinetry in the proper location so the countertop fabricator can come out and template for the new tops.  I think we’re as excited as they are!