Special Feature - Callier & Thompson Project Spotlight

Cabinetry Installation Continues

The fun continues as the cabinet installation progresses. The kitchen is now taking shape and the homeowners can see their dream kitchen come together.

Once the base cabinets are set the carpenters begin installing the wall cabinets, tall cabinets, and the island cabinets. Much care is taken to ensure that the cabinetry is plumb, level, and square. The carpenters use multiple techniques to ensure that this happens. The process of setting the cabinetry took a few days.

This client has also decided to add laundry room cabinets in the same finish and door style, but went with a marginal overlay construction versus inset construction to save some cost.

Once the cabinetry is installed, we will add crown moulding, toe kick, and furniture base to put a nice finishing touch on these furniture grade cabinets.

Now that the cabinets have been installed, the countertop fabricator can come in and template for the tops.