Special Feature - Callier & Thompson Project Spotlight

Countertop Template and Electrical Trim

Now that the majority of the cabinetry has been installed, it’s time for our granite fabricator to come out and template for the new countertops.

The homeowner originally thought they wanted a quartz material for their tops, but ended up finding a natural granite that they liked better. They chose a product called Salinas White that has a nice combination of whites, creams, and grays, with some metallic flecks mixed in. Since granite can vary greatly from slab to slab, it’s important for the homeowner to go out and personally select the exact slabs for us to use. In this case, we needed them to choose three slabs to cover all of the material.  Along the way, they decided to use the same granite for their fireplace surround and hearth. It's going to be gorgeous!

When the fabricator comes out to the home, they use a system of dots placed at key points on top of the base cabinetry. A photograph is taken with a special camera that captures those dots and places them in a computer program, pinpointing the exact measurements and shape of the countertops. Isn't that cool?  Next, they will retrieve the slabs from the granite supplier and begin the actual fabrication.

While the granite is being crafted, the electricians have come out to install lighting in the cabinetry. This client has opted for LED puck lights to be installed in the glass cabinets. They will also be getting LED tape lighting underneath the wall cabinets, to reflect down on the countertop surface. During installation, it was mentioned to the homeowner that it would look really nice to add the same LED tape lighting beneath the toe kick of the perimeter base cabinets. After receiving the cost addition for this feature, they agreed that it would be worth the charge and were grateful for the suggestion.

Typically, there are 2 weeks between the template date and actual countertop installation. During that time, we'll work on smaller details per the scope of work, to be sure it all comes together smoothly.

The project will really take shape once the tops are installed!