Special Feature - Callier & Thompson Project Spotlight

Ready to be Floored?

We've finished the drywall and can move forward with the flooring!

Our homeowners love the warm look of wood but hated the coloring of the original floor in the kitchen and breakfast areas. Since they're using white and gray tones within the cabinetry, tile, countertops, and paint, they want the flooring to have a deep brown stain with little or no “red tones”. Rather than pull up the old wood and install new, they decided to have the original floors refinished. They also thought that this would be a great time to remove the carpet in the adjacent great room and dining room and replace it with new wood flooring. Our contractor was able to supply us with unfinished oak in the same size planks. This would allow them to stain the new and existing wood the same color.

The new oak planks were delivered a week prior to installation so it could acclimate to the climate in the home. The helps alleviate any potential cupping, as it will take on the same humidity content of the existing subfloor.

After a couple of days, the new planks were installed, sanded and prepared for the new stain along with the original wood.

During the installation, it was discovered that the original fireplace hearth was not square. A decision had to be made on how to run the flooring up to the hearth without making it look awkward. The homeowner decided they didn’t care much for the existing hearth and wanted to get a price on replacing it with the same granite being used on the kitchen countertops. After agreeing to the price and confirming with the fabricator that there would be enough material in the selected granite slabs, they chose to move forward with this plan.

After the floors had been sanded, the contractor stained several areas with optional colors based on the homeowners’ shade preference. This decision was an easy one.  Once the staining was complete, the homeowners had to be careful to stay off until it was completely dry or risk scuffs and scratches. This was interesting since they have a 60lb dog, but she learned to wear socks very quickly! A clear coat finish was applied the next day. Once again the floor had to dry completely before there was any foot traffic, so back to the socks (who doesn't love socks?)

Once the floor dried, we covered it with paper, cardboard in some areas, and Masonite in others. With the floor protected, we're ready to set up scaffolding for the installation of the crown molding in the 2 story great room. It truly does get great from here!