Our Favorite Things

The design phase is one of the most exciting aspects of a kitchen or bath remodel.  It’s a fantastic opportunity to explore your needs, wants, likes, dislikes, and overall project vision.  This is where collaborating with an experienced designer can maximize the impact of your investment tremendously. 

We all know the basic needs of a remodel. You need appliances, cabinetry, lighting, countertops, etc. But often, it’s what you may not even know is an option that can elevate the project and your gratification. Luckily, we have a team of incredible designers, and Christine O’Sullivan shared some of her favorite things.

Flush Floor Vents

Let’s begin with flush floor vents. This simple but brilliant option can blend with your chosen flooring material and provides a seamless transition that doesn’t influence traffic patterns anywhere in the home.

Heated Floors  

These may not be top of mind during a St. Louis summer heatwave. Still, the benefits of heated flooring in the bathroom are significant, and the energy efficiency will warm your heart as much as your toes when the temperatures plummet.

Custom Wood Products Cabinetry

A custom cabinet line allows you to turn any area that may otherwise go unused into a lovely creative space. We use Custom Wood Products to maximize storage exactly where you need it most.

Plenty of Drawers

Organized drawers with interior cabinet accessories in the kitchen or bath reduce wasted space and offer better visibility and ease of access by eliminating the need to crouch down to lower cabinets.

Island Outlets on the Face Frame

Island outlets are incredibly handy but can spoil the look of a beautiful end panel. Camouflaging it into the face where most people tend to prep keeps it convenient yet out of general view.

Medicine Cabinets

These staples of the bathroom have come a long way to combine form with function, adding a discrete storage solution that can be customized to your needs.

Air Tubs

Unlike standard or whirlpool tubs, air tubs blow heated air (rather than water) through numerous jets, creating a customizable effervescent full-body massage.  These lovely tubs come in several styles, and their gentle action is excellent for relaxation, blood circulation, and mental well-being.

Dimmable, Multi-Levels of Lighting  

Illuminating your home using multiple lighting sources allows each room to have its own mood and personality. Ambient, accent, and task lighting create a visually balanced space, and dimmable options keep you in control.

No matter the size of your project, our designer’s priority is to listen and work closely with every homeowner, from consultation to completion and beyond. Visit our portfolios, learn more about The Callier & Thompson Experience and contact us for a consultation today!