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Design Trends

Why Choose Custom Cabinetry?

Home improvement is an investment in both your home’s value and the quality of time spent living in it.  When you’re considering a remodel, it’s essential to identify your motivation.  If you’re planning to put it on the market in the next 12 months, you should know that kitchens and baths tend to be the…

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Add Wow With a Wine Room

Folks in Missouri, especially St. Louis, are well known for our love of beer, but we love our wine too. A lot more than you might think! Research from 2016 shows that the state of Missouri consumed over 14,600 gallons, and our neighbors in Illinois consumed over 35,000 gallons!  According to the Wine Institute, the…

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The Beauty of Wood Countertops

Wood brings natural warmth and beauty to any space.  Although it may be more common to find underfoot in today’s kitchens and baths, wood countertops are making a resurgence, and we’re on board! The first question to ask yourself before deciding the species of wood is; how will it be used?  Will there be a…

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How to Crown Your Kitchen

When remodeling your kitchen, it’s common to focus on the flooring, cabinetry, and countertops.  However, the heart of your home deserves a proper crown as well.  Pragmatic choices of the past merely concealed the pipes, wiring, and ductwork.  Now, they are becoming more stylish to pair well with the rest of the room and create…

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Left-Handed Kitchens Done Right

An essential part of every remodel is that it enhances your home and the time you spend in it.  If you are in the 10% of the population that is left-handed, taking steps to create a flow specifically designed for you can make all the difference.  Just because the world seems to favor right-handed people…

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Which Kitchen Tile Fits Your Style?

Tile has come a long way in terms of material, cut, texture, and color over the years.  Of course, the most fundamental reason for a backsplash is to defend your walls from splatters. Nonetheless, they can also serve as the centerpiece of your kitchen remodel.  It’s a terrific way to express your personality and create…

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Design A Functional Yet Attractive Kitchen Island

Everyone wants a big kitchen. However, such a kitchen can feature too much empty space. Rather than waste that space, many homeowners opt for a kitchen island. Kitchen islands can serve many functions, but they need to be designed well for good utility. Likewise, you’ll want an island that’s an attractive addition to the rest…

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How to Choose the Right Kitchen Sink

You’ve heard the old adage, “everything but the kitchen sink.” But if you’re planning a kitchen remodel or new build, you should actually focus on the kitchen sink. While it might not be as big an investment as your appliances or take up as much visual space as the cabinetry, the sink will significantly impact both the…

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Tips for Remodeling the Guest Bathroom

Double Sink Bathroom Vanity with large mirror

When it comes to remodeling, many homeowners spend their time envisioning how they’ll change their master bathroom, and the guest bathroom may get forgotten. However, this bathroom is the one visitors are more likely to see. The guest bathroom may not require as many upgrades as the master bath which may make it a less…

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